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1 Data Preparation for Web Mining – A survey Amog Rajenderan 1-7 1788 View
2 Fuzzy Based Control Using Lab view For Temperature Process S.Kavitha, B.Chinthamani, S.Joshibha Ponmalar 8-13 879 View
3 Depiction of New Static - Starting and Excitation Systems to start Short Circuit Generators G.Venkateswarlu, N.R.Mondal, J.R.Gajbhiye, A.K.Khairwar 14-18 1120 View
4 Air Pollution Monitoring & Tracking System Using Mobile Sensors and Analysis of Data Using Data Mining Umesh M. Lanjewar, J. J. Shah 19-23 1139 View
5 Bit Level Generalized Modified Vernam Cipher Method with Feedback Prabal Banerjee, Asoke Nath 24-30 854 View
6 Reduction of Negative and Positive Association Rule Mining and Maintain Superiority of Rule Using Modified Genetic Algorithm Nikhil Jain,Vishal Sharma,Mahesh Malviya 31-36 936 View
7 Comparative study of several Clustering Algorithms Neha Soni, Amit Ganatra 37-41 799 View
8 Constant Modulus Blind Equalization for Time-Varying MIMO-FIR Channels with Pulse Estimation Rekha 42-46 1001 View
9 Real-Time Scheduling for Parallel Task Models on Multi-core Processors - A critical review Mahesh Lokhande, Mohd. Atique 47-54 819 View
10 Improved Tiled Bitmap Forensic Analysis Algorithm C. D. Badgujar, G. N. Dhanokar 55-59 1059 View
11 Using the concept of Multi-Threaded Programming Preparing the Object Oriented Design Model Tauseef Ahmad, Tameem Ahmad 60-63 950 View
12 Analysis of Information Systems Security Issues and Security Techniques Rakesh Kumar, Hardeep Singh 64-67 1344 View
13 An Efficient load balancing using Genetic algorithm in Hierarchical structured distributed system Priyanka Gonnade, Sonali Bodkhe 68-72 948 View
14 Visualization Techniques for Digital forensics: A Survey Sushilkumar Chavhan, S.M.Nirkhi 73-77 1079 View
15 Study of an Intelligent Spider Algorithm & Metasearch Engines Govinda Borse, Ankita Baheti 78-82 740 View
16 Secure Image Transcoding technique using chaotic key based algorithm Anoop B N, Sudhish N George, Deepthi P P 83-87 1039 View
17 A review of optimization of Automobile structures Khushbu C. Panchal, Chetan S. Jadav, Hirak Patel 88-92 816 View
18 Securing Storage Data in Cloud Using RC5 Algorithm Jay Singh, Brajesh Kumar, Asha Khatri 93-97 821 View
19 Intelligent Traffic System for VANET: A Survey Ganesh S. Khekare, Apeksha V. Sakhare 98-101 1039 View
20 A Review of the Fatigue Analysis of an Automobile Frames Jadav Chetan S., Panchal Khushbu C., Patel Fajalhusen 102-106 866 View
21 Study of Efficient Utilization of Power using green Computing Study of Efficient Utilization of Power using green Computing 107-112 864 View
22 A Review of Network Forensics Techniques for the Analysis of Web Based Attack Sudhakar Parate, S. M. Nirkhi 113-118 1061 View
23 Softening Misbehaviour of Nodes and Enforcing Cooperation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Atul Kumar Purohit, Mukesh Kumar Baghel, Hitesh Gupta, Parmalik Kumar 119-123 893 View
24 Liver Ultrasound Image Analysis using Enhancement Techniques Smriti Sahu, Maheedhar Dubey, Mohammad Imroze Khan 124-128 773 View
25 Computer Aided Design in Digital Human Modeling for Human Computer Interaction in Ergonomic Assessment: A Review Suman Mukhopadhyay , Sanjib Kumar Das and Tania Chakraborty 129-136 762 View
26 Automated Verification of Memory Consistencies of DSM System on Unified Framework Pankaj Kumar, Durgesh Kumar 137-143 807 View
27 A Study of Design and Implementation Techniques of Active Soft Orthotic Ankle Foot Ganesh K. Yenurkar, Swapnili P. Karmore 144-148 742 View
28 Embedded Stethoscope for Heart Sounds Ashish Harsola 149-153 828 View
29 Two-Port Transmission Line Parameters Approach Modeling and Design Centering of Integrated Continuous-Time Filters Vasantha M.H., Tonse Laxminidhi 154-160 1159 View
30 A Comprehensive study on E-Commerce Models: Merits, Demerits and Future Scope Debasri Dey, Asoke Nath 161-165 868 View
31 Video Fusion Using Pixel Averaging, Principal Component Analysis and Laplacian Pyramid – A Comparative Study P. Surya Prasad, P.Poornesh, P N R L Chandra Sekhar 166-173 687 View
32 Removal of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Unrelaibility Problem in Hardware Arshad Shaik, Eswaran.P 174-179 836 View
33 Speech Coding Development for Audio fixing Using Spectrum Analysis S. Nageswara Rao, C.D. Naidu, K. Jaya Sankar 180-185 711 View
34 Automatic Medical Image Classification and Abnormality Detection Using K-Nearest Neighbour R. J. Ramteke, Khachane Monali Y. 186-192 997 View
35 Template Extraction from Heterogeneous Web Pages Trupti B. Mane, Girish P. Potdar 193-196 831 View
36 A Modified Algorithm for Quantifying of Pre-mature MiRNAs using Some Fractal Parameters Joyshree Nath, Asoke Nath 197-201 703 View
37 Effect of BER Performance in RLS Adaptive Equalizer Santanu Kumar Sahoo and Mihir Narayan Mohanty 202-205 812 View
38 Improving Performance Guarantees in Cloud Computing through Efficient and Dynamic Task Scheduling Shital Patil, R. A. Kulkarni 206-210 689 View
39 Review on Periodicity Mining Techniques in Time Series Data Yogesh Malode, Rahila Patel 211-215 729 View
40 Technical edge for competitive advantage by patenting: A study of Indian semiconductor industry Surabhi Jain, A.K. Saini, R.K. Verma 216-222 841 View
41 Variations of Support Vector Machine classification Technique: A survey Hetal Bhavsar, Amit Ganatra 223-227 734 View
42 Design of Earthing System for a Substation : A Case Study O.P. Rahi, Abhas Kumar Singh, Shashi Kant Gupta, Shilpa Goyal 228-233 738 View
43 Text mining: A Brief survey Falguni N. Patel, Neha R. Soni 234-239 678 View
44 Secure and Cost Effective Framework for Cloud Computing Based On optimization and Virtualization Rajendra Kumar Patel 240-245 878 View
45 A Survey Paper on ECG Data Compression techniques and Proposing a New Method to achieve a Low PRD Value Vijay V , Bhavya R, Vipula Singh 246-251 821 View
46 A Review of Focused Web Crawling Strategies Bireshwar Ganguly, Rahila Sheikh 252-258 816 View
47 A Non Candidate Subset-Superset Dynamic Minimum Support Approach for sequential pattern Mining Kumudbala Saxena, C.S. Satsangi 259-264 1245 View
48 One Step towards Finding AOA/TOA for Mobile Location Akansha Rao, Vijay Trivedi, Vineet Richaria 265-269 696 View
49 Study and Analysis of Data Sharing and Communication with Multiple Cloud Environments Shikha Joshi, Pallavi Jain 270-275 944 View
50 A new low cost single phase ac-ac power line conditioner Santosh Sonar,Tanmoy Maity 276-281 741 View
51 Risks Management in Software Engineering Dishek Mankad 282-285 752 View
52 Static security analysis of power system networks using soft computing techniques D.Raaga Leela, Sairam Mannem and Ch.Padmanabha Raju 286-291 874 View
53 Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with PSO Effect for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems M. H. Mehta 292-297 898 View
54 Data and Cost handling Techniques for Software Quality Prediction Through Clustering Saifi Bawahir, Mohsin Sheikh 298-302 1088 View
55 A Survey on Energy Consumption in Routing Protocols for MANET Using Cross Layer Pandit Savyasaachi J 303-309 836 View
56 Voice Conversion Based On Hidden Markov Model Arpitha.D, Chaitra.C.N, Manasa.M, Chaitra.N 310-315 835 View
57 Performance of TCP-Throughput on NS2 by Using Different Simulation Parameters Neeraj Bhargava, Ritu Bhargava, Anchal Kumawat, Bharat Kumar 316-320 1026 View
58 Fine Voltage Control Using Oltc by Static Tap Change Mechanism S.V.M. Bhuvanaika Rao, B.Subramanyeswar 321-325 1259 View
59 Dynamic Performance of STATCOM under Various Faults in Power System R.krishna sampath, C.kumar 326-331 840 View
60 Design and Analysis of UWB Microstrip Patch Antenna Akash Verma, Abhishek Yaduvanshi, Leena Varshney 332-335 1302 View
61 An Efficient Image Compression Technique Based on Arithmetic Coding An Efficient Image Compression Technique Based on Arithmetic Coding 336-344 887 View
62 Half-Wave Dipole Antenna for GSM Applications Parminder Singh, Ankita Sharma, Neha Uniyal ,Richa Kala 345-348 761 View
63 Distributed Approach of Intrusion Detection System: Survey Vineet Richariya, Uday Pratap Singh, Renu Mishra 349-354 729 View
64 Algorithm for Minimizing Network Cost in WDM Network Bhushan V. Patil, Shabahat Hasan 355-358 713 View
65 Identification of node behavior for Mobile Ad-hoc Network Khyati Choure, Sanjay Sharma 359-362 723 View
66 Smart Software and Smart Cities: A study on Green Software and Green Technology to develop a smart urbanized world Mourjo Sen, Anuvabh Dutt, Jennifer Shah, Shalabh Agarwal, Asoke Nath 363-370 683 View
67 Content Based Image Retrieval Genetic Algorithm for Relevance Feedback Nikita R. Hatwar, Rajendra F. Hatwar 371-375 723 View
68 The fatigue analysis of a vehicle suspension system-A review article Jadav Chetan, Panchal Khushbu, Moulvi Nauman 376-380 661 View
69 Defining Uniform Distributed Shared Memory Consistency Models on Unified Framework Pankaj Kumar, Krishna Kumar 381-386 640 View
70 A Survey on Data Mining Techniques for Surveillance of Real Time Video Streams Avinash P Ingle, Snehlata Dongre 387-390 766 View
71 A Study of Data Mining Techniques for WSN Based Intellectual Climate System Pravin C. Satpute, Deepti P. Theng 391-394 732 View
72 Wireless Switch for Saving Electricity Santu Gharui, Writabrata Guha, Barnali Chakrabarty, Sk. Shaidul Islam 395-398 1149 View
73 A Brief Overview of the Developments of the Cognitive Radio Technology Mayank Gupta, Nimrat Kumar Narula, VK Panchal, Ashok chandra 399-405 890 View
74 Novel Approach to Knowledge Extraction Using Conceptual Association Neha Mittal, Kanika Sharma ,V.K.Panchal 406-412 695 View
75 Privacy and Security issues in Cloud Computing Anita Kumari Nanda, Brojo Kishore Mishra 413-418 628 View
76 Energy Efficient Adaptive Routing Algorithm in MANET with Sleep Mode Tripti Nema, Akhilesh Waoo, P.S.Patheja, Sanjay Sharma 419-423 1249 View
77 Rough sets for Eliciting Symptoms for Landuse Class Conflict V.K. Panchal, Shivang Gupta, Sobhit Gautam 424-428 1021 View
78 Steganographic Approach for Data Hiding using LSB Techniques Baluram Nagaria, Ashish Parikh, Sandeep Mandliya,Neeraj shrivastav 429-434 906 View
79 Application of Intelligent Computing Techniques for the Interpretation and Analysis of Biological and Medical Data for Various Disease diagnosis: Review Application of Intelligent Computing Techniques for the Interpretation and Analysis of Biological an 435-439 1377 View
80 Performance Case study of Grigoryan FFT over Cooley-Tukey FFT using TMS DSP Processors Narayanam Ranganadh, Muni Guravaiah P 440-445 1456 View
81 Data Mining, Applications and Knowledge Discovery Neha Purohit, Sapna Purohit, Ritesh Kumar Purohit 446-450 660 View
82 Classification of Different Textures Using SVM and Fuzzy logic P. Surya Prasad, V. Tarun Varma, V. Sai Venkata Harish, K. S. Ravi Kumar 451-453 748 View
83 A Single Stage Low Gain Pseudo Differential Class-AB telescopic Cascoded Op-amp for Pipelined ADC D.S.Shylu, D.Jackuline Moni, Anita Antony , A J Sowjanya.K, Neetha C John 454-457 1184 View
84 Adaptive mapping for reducing power consumption on NoC-Based MPSoC Lalit Tembhare, Yogeshver khandagre, Alok Dubey 458-461 887 View
85 Mobile Cloud Computing through J2ME application: Cloud Enabled Web Services Bharat Prajapat and Manish Shrivastava 462-467 751 View
86 Economic Price Estimation for cloud business Deepak Mishra , Manish Shrivastava 468-474 598 View
87 Improving Network Scalability Using NoSql Database Ankita Bhatewara, Kalyani Waghmare 475-479 643 View
88 Mall Navigation System Using WI-FI Router Ankita Paul, Rohit Das, Abhik Sarkar 480-483 678 View
89 Implementation of Turbocharger in Petrol Engines and its Thermal Analysis Swapnil Bhurat, Amit Yadav, Atreya pathak 484-489 1030 View
90 Conceptual Design and Development of Water Metering System for Multiple Family Residential Buildings Eswaran.P, Aswin Kumar 490-494 957 View