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1 Cryptography Techniques for Image Security and Authentication using Cellular Automata Algorithms M.Venugopal, E.G. Rajan, Venkat Raman 1-6 1014 View
2 Improved Performance for “Color to Gray and Back” using DCT-Haar, DST-Haar, Walsh-Haar, Hartley-Haar, Slant-Haar, Kekre-Haar Hybrid Wavelet Transforms H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade, Ratnesh N. Chaturvedi 7-12 892 View
3 Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Using Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization with SVC Installation Sravanthi Velaga, K.Padma 13-18 723 View
4 To Develop Prototype Model of FPGA and RF UP Converter Neeta S. Matti, Saroja V. Siddamal 19-24 812 View
5 Data Mining with Meteorological Data A. R. Chaudhari, D. P. Rana, R. G. Mehta 25-29 1210 View
6 Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays using Interval Two Phase Simplex Linear Programming Shimpy Ralhan, Shashwati Ray 30-35 1263 View
7 Segmentation of Similar Color Objects using Modified GrowCut Method Sayan Bhowal, Bibhas Chandra Dhara 36-41 754 View
8 Image Steganography using DCT-DST, Haar-DST, Walsh-DST, Hartley-DST Hybrid Wavelet Transforms H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade, Ratnesh N. Chaturvedi 42-46 1487 View
9 Multicast Routing in Scalable Networks using MAODV Jayalakshmi G Naragund, R M Banakar 47-53 750 View
10 Detection of facial features of frontal face color images Nidhi Tiwari, Mohd.Ahmed 54-58 766 View
11 Multi-Document Text Summarization using Mutual Reinforcement and Relevance Propagation Models Added with Query and Features Profile Poonam P. Bari , Shanta Sondur 59-63 739 View
12 Measuring Coverage Percentage for C Programs using Code Slicer and CREST Tool Sangharatna Godboley, Avijit Das, Kuleshwar Sahu3 , Durga Prasad Mohapatra, Banshidhar Majhi 64-69 764 View
13 Power Flow in PMSG Connected Wind Energy Conversion System through Current Source Converter Using Space Vector Modulation Technique B.D. Srinivasa Rao, Ch. Hemanth Kumar, V. Srikanth Babu 70-75 706 View
14 Feature based Opinion mining - towards Performance Measure Ravikiran Kalava, G.Anil Kumar, Ch.Vasavi 76-79 758 View
15 A Comparative Study of Amazon Web Service and Windows Azure Rajeev BV, Vinod Baliga, Arun kumar 80-87 725 View
16 Association Rule Mining Analyzation Using Column Oriented Database D. P. Rana, N. J. Mistry, M. M. Raghuwanshi 88-93 916 View
17 Comparative Analysis of Clustering Techniques for Real Dataset Kishor T. Mane, Vandana G. Pujari 94-97 783 View
18 Complexity analysis of MIMO sphere decoder using radius choice and increasing radius algorithms Suneeta V. Budihal, Rajeshwari M. Banakar 98-105 692 View
19 Development of Wireless Monitoring System for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit N.S. Joshi, R.K. Kamat , P.K. Gaikwad 106-109 699 View
20 Controller Design for Supercapacitor as Energy Storage in Medium Voltage AC System Pankaj Govind Hiray, B. E. Kushare 110-114 669 View
21 A Complete Analysis and Dynamic Simulations of Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) Logic gates Kurapati Srinivas 115-120 674 View
22 Design of Structured Regular LDPC Codes without Short Cycles using Gray Code Representations Vibha Kulkarni, K. Jaya Sankar 121-126 749 View
23 Reconfiguration Challenges & Design Techniques in Software Defined Radio M. S. Karpe, A. M. Lalge, S. U. Bhandari 127-132 731 View
24 Software Defined Radio Principles and Platforms A.M.Lalge , M.S.Karpe , S.U.Bhandari 133-138 644 View
25 E-Governance services using Cloud Computing Services A.Rakesh Phanindra, V. B. Narasimha, M. L. Saikumar 139-144 673 View
26 Watchdog Technology to impose Information Authentication in Mobile Cloud over SaaS & PaaS Layers Vineet Guha, Rajeev Kumar Shrivastava, Manish Shrivastava 145-150 665 View
27 Multitenant Software as a Service: Application Development Approach Suhas Gajakosh, Mukta Takalikar 151-155 702 View
28 Object recognition with ORB and its Implementation on FPGA A.V.Kulkarni, J.S.Jagtap, V.K.Harpale 156-162 705 View
29 A Variable Length Distributed Source Coding Algorithm for WSNs K S Shivaprakasha, Muralidhar Kulkarni 163-168 671 View
30 Multi Way Feedback Encryption Standard (MWFES): Ver-I Purnendu Mukherjee, Prabal Banerjee, Asoke Nath 169-175 782 View
31 Defect Detection Efficiency: A Combined approach Rashmi N, Suma V 176-181 786 View
32 Emotion Recognition with Speech for Call Centres using LPC and Spectral Analysis Rashmirekha Ram, Hemanta Kumar Palo, Mihir Narayan Mohanty 182-187 682 View
33 Improving Tiled Bitmap Algorithm for Detection and Analysis of Tampered Database G. N. Dhanokar, S. P. Patil 188-193 678 View
34 Implementation of RC4 Stream Cipher Using FPGA S. C. Wagaj, Chetan Bagul, Ramkrushna Chaudhari 194-197 690 View
35 Task Cost Based Approach for Grid Service Reliability Modeling on Fault Recovery Nana Kacharu Zalte 198-203 687 View
36 An Application of Fuzzy Logic for Expert Selection Prajakta C. Dhote, Pradeep K. Butey 204-208 948 View
37 Modern Encryption Standard version IV: (MES-IV) Asoke Nath, Payel Pal 209-216 848 View
38 Face Recognition using Depth Map Generation for Smart phones Anshu Sisodhiya, Ankita Jain, R M Banakar 217-222 715 View
39 Executable UML plug-in for Eclipse A. M. Magar, N. J. Uke 223-226 759 View
40 A review of Opportunistic Routing for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks Nusrat Anjum, Sanjay Thakur 227-231 754 View
41 Interactive 3D Remote Visualization of Medical Volume Data in Distributed Environment Alok Pratap Singh, Piyush Kumar, Anupam Agrawal 232-238 680 View
42 Media Access Protocol in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: A Survey Deepma Jain, Gaurav Shrivastava 239-243 687 View
43 Stability of n- Homomorphisms, n- Derivations of A n-Dimensional Additive Functional Equation in C*- Ternary Algebras M. Arunkumar, T. Namachivayam 244-249 612 View
44 Modern Encryption Standard version V: (MES-V) Asoke Nath, Bidhusundar Samanta 250-257 811 View
45 Field Programmable Gate Array based Simultaneous Temperature-Visualization on Video Graphics Array Monitor for Multi-Sensor Data Acquisition System P.K. Gaikwad 258-263 841 View
46 Perturbation of n-Dimensional Quadratic Functional Equation: A Fixed Point Approach S. Murthy, M. Arunkumar and G. Ganapathy 264-269 674 View
47 The improves energetic yield of high temperature fuel cell (MCFC) using advance techniques in modeling and optimization analysis S. K. Dhakad, S.C.Soni, Pankaj Agarwal 270-272 736 View
48 Result Analysis of Image Denoising Method based on Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations Anand Swaroop Khare, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 273-277 862 View
49 Diabetic Retinopathy using Image Processing Detection, Classification and Analysis Snehal P. Savarkar , Namrata Kalkar , S.L.Tade 278-281 687 View
50 Concrete Structure Analysis and Classification using Image Processing Rashmi R.A, A.D Mane, S.L Tade 282-287 673 View
51 Green Computing and Green Technology based teaching learning and administration in Higher Education Institutions Shalabh Agarwal, KaustuviBasu , Asoke Nath 288-296 775 View
52 3-D Drawing Digital Pen V. S. Kayastha, V. N. Supe, S. U. Bhandari 297-301 806 View
53 New Median Based Adaptive and Robust Digital Image Secured System Shivani Maheshwari, Pushpendra Singh Tomar, Manish Shrivastava 302-307 692 View
54 Importance of Network Security in Internet of Things Bhagyashri H. Katole, Suresh V. 308-312 666 View
55 Error Code Correction Using Reed Solomon Codes: A Review Anshul Sarawagi, Manish Shrivastava 313-317 671 View
56 Minimal Routing Cooperation using Route Weight for MANET Neha Tripathi, Vivek Kumar, K.S. Raghuwanshi 318-324 814 View
57 Simulation of Airbag Impact on the Eye Using Finite Element Analysis Ravi Varma N., Darshana M. Jibhakate, Ankita Pravin Khawas 325-329 680 View
58 Best Path Finding using Location aware AODV for MANET Anagha Raich, Amarsinh Vidhate 330-334 647 View
59 Review on High Performance Energy Efficient Multicore Embedded Computing Archana S. Shinde, Swapnali B. Bhosale, Ashok R. Suryawanshi 335-341 699 View
60 Regression Analysis and Statistical Approach on Socio-Economic Data Syeda Farha Shazmeen, Mirza Mustafa Ali Baig, M. Reena Pawar 342-346 660 View
61 Identification & Detection System for Animals from their Vocalization A. D. Mane, Rashmi R. A., S. L. Tade 347-352 672 View
62 Secured Cloud Data with IA Prasad N H, Lakshmi Narayan B N, Pradeep Kumar S 353-356 779 View
63 E-Mine: A Web Mining Technique for Relevant Data Regions Vaishnavi J. Deshmukh, Anuja K. Pande, Sapna.Kaushik, Pallavi B. Rathod, Payal.Pawade 357-362 754 View
64 Thermoelectric Power Generation as an Alternative Green Technology of Energy Harvesting Ravi R.Nimbalkar, Sanket S. Kshirsagar 363-368 687 View
65 Comparative Analysis of Multipath Routing Techniques and Design of Secure Energy Aware Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Simran R. Khiani,C. G. Dethe,V. M. Thakare 369-375 629 View
66 Speaker Verification Using I-Vectors N.S.Kalkar, S.P.Savarkar, RajaniP.K 376-384 766 View
67 Survey on Security aspect of WSN Gaurish Edake, Ganesh Pathak 385-389 688 View
68 A3 (Authenticate Auditor & Avail) for Preserving Integrity of Data in Cloud Computing Sagar Shivaji Sawant, Suhit Sukhadeo Kalubarme 390-395 851 View
69 Comparative Study on Image Segmentation Algorithms G. Evelin Suji , Y.V.S. Lakshmi , G. Wiselin Jiji 396-401 931 View
70 Hybrid Meta-heuristic Pattern Classification Rashmi G. Dukhi, Pratibha Mishra 402-406 786 View
71 Result Analysis of Bit-Error Rate (BER) of the MC DS-CDMA System Rishi Choubey, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 407-411 812 View
72 Implementation of wavelet family on biomedical images compression Monika shukla, Sonika arrora, Mangal singh 412-417 678 View
73 Result discussion with in MIMO-OFDM Systems with Multiple Antennas Jitendra Kumar Daksh, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 418-422 678 View
74 Design of Fuzzy Inference System for Contrast Enhancement of Color Images Nutan Y. Suple , Sudhir M. Kharad 423-427 616 View
75 Implementation of Fast Deblurring Process on Segments of Image by Blind Deconvolution Algorithm Neetin Kumar, Manish Shrivastava 428-431 540 View
76 An Assessment of the Impact of Dimensionality Reduction on the Speed and Accuracy of Hyperspectral Image Classification Abhineet Singh, Savita Verma, Mangal Raj, Anupam Agrawal 432-437 702 View
77 Optimization of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Pi Controller J.S.Sathiyanarayanan, A. Senthil kumar 438-442 693 View