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International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR)

ISSN (Print):2249-7277    ISSN (Online):2277-7970
Volume-2 Issue-3 March-2012
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Paper Title : Overview of Security issues in Cloud Computing
Author Name : Ajey Singh, Maneesh Shrivastava
Abstract :

Cloud computing may be defined as management and provision of resources, software, applications and information as services over the cloud (internet) on demand. Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. "Cloud computing continues to gain acceptance as a critical way to deliver on-demand information and resources to customers,” The cloud architecture is implemented in such a way that it provides you the flexibility to share application as well as other network resources (hardware etc)[1]. This will lead to a need based flexible architecture where the resources will expand or contract with a little configuration changes. Cloud computing is often provided "as a service" over the Internet, typically in the form of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS).From an end users perspective, you don’t need to care for the OS, the plug-ins, web security or the software platform[2]. Everything should be in place without any worry. This paper focuses on technical security issues in cloud computing, cloud computing has various benefits in an enterprise but major concern is how security is implemented in cloud computing.

Keywords : Cloud computing, Security issues, Cloud computing Security; Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Computing Attacks.
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