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International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR)

ISSN (Print):2249-7277    ISSN (Online):2277-7970
Volume-5 Issue-19 June-2015
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Paper Title : Dynamic Security Architecture among E-Commerce Websites
Author Name : Ramesh R and Divya G
Abstract :

Nowadays privileged channel is utilized by the ISPs and other websites for handling privilege services of important clients only, there by normal clients are discriminated against getting access to privilege channel service. Thus a new global movement known as “Net Neutrality” for providing an open and non-discriminating Internet is fast popularizing in India, Europe and other parts of the world. We are proposing a system among E-Commerce websites so that without much difficulty even normal clients are able to access a particular destination website through a source website using privilege channel network without any hindrance from the ISP and also provides a security protocol for safer referrals. The existing system of security protocols doesn’t allow the e-commerce websites to come forward for making the referral service an option for business opportunity. They are reluctant to initiate site-to-site referral due to security risks and other opportunities they need to sacrifice. The proposed system using site graph shows how mutually trusted web servers can effectively implement a secure referral system by coordinating the traffic flow of referred clients. DDoS attacks and Phishing attacks focused on a particular website can be effectively averted by this coordinated security protocol among e-commerce web servers.

Keywords : Denial of service; referral; e-commerce; website graph.
Cite this article : Ramesh R and Divya G, " Dynamic Security Architecture among E-Commerce Websites " , International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR), Volume-5, Issue-19, June-2015 ,pp.184-191.