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1 Estimating Lower Bound and Upper Bound of a Markov chain over a noisy communication channel with Poisson distribution Vinay Mahajan, Rajesh Nema, Puran Gour 1-6 1371 View
2 Cloud Computing Services Accounting Igor Ruiz-Agundez, Yoseba K. Penya, Pablo G. Bringas 7-17 1662 View
3 Real Time Eye Template Detection and Tracking Richa Mehta, Manish Shrivastava 18-22 897 View
4 Finding the Chances and Prediction of Cancer through Apriori Algorithm with Transaction Reduction Shashank Singh, Manoj Yadav, Hitesh Gupta 23-28 1718 View
5 A Novel Approach for Identify Small and Capital Handwritten Letter Ekta Tiwari , Maneesh Shreevastava 29-33 1441 View
6 A Novel Association Rule Mining with IEC Ratio Based Dissolved Gas Analysis for Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformers Kanika Shrivastava, Ashish Choubey 34-44 825 View
7 Application of Value Engineering in Wireless Nano- sensor Network to Monitor Global warming Affected by Uncontrolled Urbanization Vimal Upadhyay, Sonali Agarwal, R. S. Sikarwar 45-51 1145 View
8 Review of Data Mining Techniques in Cloud Computing Database Astha Pareek, Manish Gupta 52-55 628 View
9 Using Local Binary Pattern Variance for Land Classification and Crop Identification Ashwin A. Shinde, Manish Shrivastava 56-61 978 View
10 An Efficient Range Partitioning Method for Finding Frequent Patterns from Huge Database Ruchita Gupta, C.S.Satsangi 62-69 1476 View
11 An Improved Single and Multiple Association Approach for Mining Medical Databases Sachin sohra, Narendra Rathod 70-76 1448 View
12 Web Usage Data Clustering Using Improved Genetic Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm Karunesh Gupta, Manish Shrivastava 77-79 934 View
13 An Efficient approach for Shielding Effect of the Grounding Electrodes under Impulse-Current Voltage based on MATLAB Kalyani Pole, A.K. Sharma 80-86 703 View
14 Intrusion Awareness Based on Data Fusion and SVM Classification Ramnaresh Sharma, Manish Shrivastava 87-91 1133 View
15 Image Compression Technique based on Discrete 2-D wavelet transforms with Arithmetic Coding Deepika Sunoriya, Uday Pratap Singh, Vineet Ricchariya 92-100 1309 View
16 Web based Measurement System for Solar Radiation Shachi Awasthi, P. Mor 101-105 712 View
17 A Study of Various Intrusion Detection Model Based on Data Fusion, Neural Network and D-S Theory Ramnaresh Sharma, Manish Shrivastava 106-112 1133 View
18 Cloud Computing Issues-A Survey M.Malathi 113-118 1817 View
19 An Comparison and Evaluation for Data Gathering and Sharing with Inter Node Communication in Mobile-Sink Ravindra K. Gupta, Shashank Saxena, Shailendra Singh, Gajendra Singh 119-126 1082 View
20 A Novel Technique to Read Small and Capital Handwritten Character Ekta Tiwari, Maneesh Shreevastava 127-134 1253 View
21 A Secure Data Sharing and Communication with Multiple Cloud Environments with Java API Shikha Joshi, Pallavi Jain 135-143 1600 View
22 A Novel Approach for Improving Communication by Wavelength Utilization Shrangesh Dahat, Maneesh Shreevastava 144-148 820 View
23 Document Fraud Detection with the help of Data Mining and Secure Substitution Method with Frequency Analysis Namrata Shukla, Shweta Pandey 149-156 1129 View
24 Web Usage Mining Clustering Using Hybrid FCM with GA Karunesh Gupta, Manish Shrivastava 157-160 581 View
25 Congestions control through cloud computing with MANET Ajey Singh, Maneesh Shrivastava 161-166 609 View
26 A hybrid method for image Denoising based on Wavelet Thresholding and RBF network Sandeep Dubey, Fehreen Hasan, Gaurav Shrivastava 167-172 921 View