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1 Baseline Requirements and Architecture for Cloud Computing Services Abdur Rahim Choudhary 1-7 1585 View
2 Real Time Scheduling Services for Distributed RT-CORBA Applications Bineta Tresa Mathew 8-13 1262 View
3 An Evaluation of Two Mammography Segmentation Techniques Sujata, R. B. Dubey, R. Dhiman, T. J. Singh Chugh 14-19 1010 View
4 T-Learning: An Interactive Learning Services Framework for Indian Educational Broadcasts Shubhanshu Gupta, Sayali Godbole, Yogesh Angadi, Sudesh Mudliar 20-24 1059 View
5 Semantic Web Mining: Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities Syeda Farha Shazmeen, Etyala Ramyasree 25-28 798 View
6 A Comprehensive Study in Data Mining Frameworks for Intrusion Detection R.Venkatesan, R. Ganesan, A. Arul Lawrence Selvakumar 29-34 730 View
7 Result Analysis on Content Base Image Retrieval using Combination of Color, Shape and Texture Features Neha Jain, Sumit Sharma, Ravi Mohan Sairam 35-42 970 View
8 Segmentation of One and Two Hand Gesture Recognition using Key Frame Selection Ketki P. Kshirsagar 43-47 1134 View
9 To Study the Mathematical Analysis for Human area Networking using Finite Element Method Kakade Priyanka, Khobragade S V 48-52 644 View
10 An Efficient Data Mining for Credit Card Fraud Detection using Finger Print Recognition V.Priyadharshini, G.Adiline Macriga 58-61 584 View
11 Design a New Methodology for Removing Fog from the Image Jyoti Sahu 62-65 677 View
12 Design of Face Recognition System by Using Neural Network with Discrete Cosine Transform and Principal Component Analysis Rohit Jain, Rajshree Taparia 66-69 1034 View
13 Result Analysis of Blur and Noise on Image Denoising based on PDE Meenal Jain, Sumit Sharma, Ravi Mohan Sairam 70-77 1268 View
14 Vehicle License Plate Recognition System Meenakshi, R. B. Dubey 78-82 908 View
15 Transfer Capability Enhancement of Transmission Line using Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) Arti Pateriya, Nitin Saxena, Manoj Tiwari 83-88 932 View
16 Character localization and recognition application for Smartphone Snehal Charjan, R. V. Mante, P. N. Chatur 89-92 606 View
17 Driver’s alertness detection for based on eye blink duration via EOG & EEG Yash S. Desai 93-99 639 View
18 Particle swarm optimization technique to solve unit commitment problem P.V. Rama Krishna, G. Poornachandra Rao, Sukhdeo Sao 100-105 1267 View
19 Implementation of Plasmonics in VLSI Shreya Bhattacharya 106-109 735 View
20 An efficient Support Vector Clustering with combined core outlier and boundary value for pre-processing of data Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma, Anurag Jain 110-113 824 View
21 A Low Cost Hardware Trojan horse Device based on Unintended USB channels and a Solution Pravin Phule 114-118 518 View
22 Automatic Speaker Recognition System Parul, R. B. Dubey 119-124 639 View
23 Comparison between Different Scheduling Strategies by Using Cost239 Optical Network Pooja Meena, Manish Shrivastava, Sushil Chaturvedi 125-129 858 View
24 Improving RBF Kernel Function of Support Vector Machine using Particle Swarm Optimization Smruti Rekha Das, Pradeepta Kumar Panigrahi, Kaberi Das,Debahuti Mishra 130-135 649 View
25 Wireless Sensor Network and Emergency Communication System for Fire Safety Yogesh.S.Kale, A.V. Bapat, Piyush Pande 136-140 842 View
26 Reduced Order Modelling and Optimal Control of Fluid Flow Instability Vinay Anand Yadav, Ganapati Joshi 141-143 629 View
27 A review of Support Vector Clustering with different Kernel function for Reduction of noise and outlier for Large Database Deepak Kumar Vishwakarma, Anurag Jain 144-150 631 View
28 Performance evaluation of DWT based image watermarking using error correcting codes Shaikh Rakhshan Anjum, Priyanka Verma 151-156 695 View
29 Towards a New Approach for Mining Frequent Itemsets on Data Stream Shailendra Jain, Sonal Patil 157-161 525 View
30 A Vectorial modeling for the pentaphase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine based on multimachine approach Abdelkrim Sellam,Boubakeur Dehiba,Mohamed B. Benabdallah,Mohamed Abid,Nacéra Bachir Bouiadjra,Boubakeur Bensaid,Mustapha Djouhri 162-165 734 View