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1 Block Based Information Hiding using Cosine, Hartley, Walsh and Haar Wavelets H. B. Kekre, Sudeep D. Thepade, Ratnesh N. Chaturvedi 1-6 1277 View
2 Robust LQR Control Design of Gyroscope Ashok S. Chandak, Anil J. Patil 7-12 652 View
3 Securing Routing Protocol by Distributed Key Management and Threshold Cryptography in Mobile Ad hoc Network Neha Gupta, Manish Shrivastava 13-18 661 View
4 Result Analysis of Proposed Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on a Self Organizing Map Network and Wavelet Transform Shobhit Verma, Hitesh Gupta 19-25 660 View
5 Extracting Person Name, Date and Place from Text Documents Using LEX Tool Roohi Sharma 26-29 672 View
6 A Secure Mechanism to Supervise Automotive Sensor Network by Client on Smart Phone T R Yashavanth, Ravi S Malashetty, V R Udupi 30-35 743 View
7 Multi-Level Security for Automotive–RFID Based Technology with Lab VIEW Implementation Priya Darshini .V, Prakash.R, Prasannabalaje.S.M, Sangeetha Monica.T 36-40 711 View
8 Attack Detection in Watermarked Images with PSNR and RGB Intensity Neha Chauhan, Akhilesh A. Waoo, P. S. Patheja 41-45 877 View
9 Speech parameterization based on AM-FM model and its application in speaker identification using AANN D. Giften Francis Samuel, D. Synthiya Vinothini 46-49 847 View
10 Credential Clustering in Parallel Comparability Frequency Amplitude Ameela.T, Kaleeswaran.D 50-55 927 View
11 A Review of Protein-DNA Binding Motif using Association Rule Mining Virendra Kumar Tripathi, Hitesh Gupta 56-59 711 View
12 A Survey of latest Algorithms for Frequent Itemset Mining in Data Stream U.Chandrasekhar, Sandeep Kumar. K, Yakkala Uma Mahesh 60-65 955 View
13 Adaptive job Scheduling for Computational Grid based on Ant Colony Optimization with Genetic Parameter Selection Saurabh Mandloi, Hitesh Gupta 66-71 878 View
14 A Survey of Middleware in different languages for Ubiquitous Services Neha Sharma, Usha Batra, Saurabh Mukherjee 72-79 653 View
15 An Efficient Partition Technique to reduce the Attack Detection Time with Web based Text and PDF files Animesh Dubey, Ravindra Gupta, Gajendra Singh Chandel 80-86 1920 View
16 An Ensemble Method based on Particle of Swarm for the Reduction of Noise, Outlier and Core Point Satish Dehariya, Divakar Singh 87-91 1105 View
17 A Bandwidth-Efficient Cooperative Authentication and an En-route Filtering Scheme for Filtering Injected False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks T.R. Yashavanth, Ravi S Malashetty, Rashmi C.R 92-97 638 View
18 Image Denoising based on Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations: A Survey Anand Swaroop Khare, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 98-101 957 View
19 Plasmonics based VLSI processes Shreya Bhattacharya 102-105 706 View
20 Implement Security using smart card on Cloud Amish Kumar Aman, Vijay Prakash 106-110 682 View
21 Association Rules Optimization: A Survey Anshuman Singh Sadh, Nitin Shukla 111-115 1364 View
22 Review of Information Authentication in Mobile Cloud over SaaS & PaaS Layers Vineet Guha, Manish Shrivastava 116-121 1036 View
23 Reactive Power Compensation in Transmission Line using Fuzzy Control Method: A Survey Yojna Saratkar, Arun Pachori 122-125 689 View
24 An Efficient Image Denoising Method based on Fourth-Order Partial Differential Equations Anand Swaroop Khare, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 126-131 1198 View
25 Reactive Power Compensation on 132 KV Substation Using Soft Computing Techniques (Fuzzy Logic) Yojna Saratkar, Arun Pachori 132-139 664 View