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1 An Efficient Lattice-Based Approach for Generator Mining Pham Quang Huy, Truong Chi Tin 741-751 1822 View
2 Analysis for Parallel Execution without Performing Hardware/Software Co-simulation Muhammad Rashid 752-761 1023 View
3 Design and Development of a High Speed Pipelined-Cyclic ADC with 1.5 bits/Stage Error Correction Arindam Sarkar, Pranati Dutta, Dhurjaty Ray, Anukul Sikder, Sunit Kumar Sen 762-771 1163 View
4 An efficient mechanism for Securing Video Data Akansha Agrawal, Virendra Singh 772-777 1213 View
5 Genetic Neural Approach for Heart Disease Prediction Nilakshi P. Waghulde, Nilima P. Patil 778-784 1029 View
6 Secure Geographical routing in MANET using the Adaptive Position Update Aruna Rao S.L, K.V.N.Sunitha 785-794 860 View
7 A Critical Review on Data Clustering in Wireless Network Priyanka Tavse, Anil Khandelwal 795-798 814 View
8 Evaluation of Modified K-Means Clustering Algorithm in Crop Prediction Utkarsha P. Narkhede, K.P.Adhiya 799-807 882 View
9 Intrusion Detection System using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Vitthal Manekar, Kalyani Waghmare 808-812 909 View
10 Clustering with Data Encryption in Wireless Communication: A Critical Survey Bhavesh Joshi, Anil Khandelwal 813-818 979 View
11 Processing of Natural Signals like EMG for Person Identification using NUFB-GMM Suresh M, P G Krishnamohan, Mallikarjun S Holi 819-827 1047 View
12 An analysis of popularity of Consumer to Consumer websites Abul Kalam Mohammad Azad, Md Kabirul Islam, Mohammed Shamsul Hoque 828-833 824 View
13 Plan, Design and Simulation of University Network L. S Ezema, W. E Mbonu, U, O Nwogu, C. Owuamanam 834-842 764 View
14 A Comparative Study of Geometric Hopfield Network and Ant Colony Algorithm to Solve Travelling Salesperson Problem Yogeesha C.B, Ramachandra V Pujeri 843-848 1061 View
15 Mobile Application Technology in Nigeria: A Case Study for Innovation & Transformation Ogedebe, Peter and Makinde, Julius Adebowale 849-855 1132 View
16 Time and Frequency Synchronization in OFDM System Saswati Paramita, Sruti Suvadarsini Singh, Jyotiprava Mohanta 856-865 834 View
17 Real Time Messaging Server Using Duplex Web Services Hitesh K. Mhatre, Ketan N. Kanere 866-871 882 View
18 Logistic Retrogression Model for Evaluating the Influence of Environmental Factors on Legislative Data Jennifer Somali Angeyo, Peter Jehopio, Ahmed Ochama 872-881 761 View
19 Speech Recognition Technology for Hearing Disabled Community Tanvi Dua, Jitesh Punjabi, Chandni Sajnani, Aditya Advani, Shanthi Therese S. 882-887 822 View
20 Performance Analysis of Client Side Encryption Tools Subrata Kumar Das, Md. Alam Hossain, Md. Arifuzzaman Sardar, Ramen Kumar Biswas, Prolath Dev Nath 888-897 915 View
21 Performance Analysis of Silicon and Germanium Nanowire Transistor using Crystal Orientation and Oxide Thickness P.Theres Mary, N.B.Balamurugan 898-903 733 View