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1 A Multi Maximal Length Multi Time Period Pseudorandom Bit Sequence (PRBS) Generator Aritra Sinha, Sunit Kumar Sen 1-6 14951 View
2 Study on key Issues and Critical Success Factors of e-Supply Chain Management in Health Care Services Debashri Dey, Asoke Nath 7-13 15896 View
3 Performance Evaluation Using J2ME with Android over Cloud Services: A Simulation Approach Bharat Prajapat and Manish Shrivastava 14-17 15756 View
4 Steganography in MPEG Video Files using MACROBLOCKS Lathikanandini. M, Suresh. J 18-21 14211 View
5 Implementation of ON/OFF and PID controller using TCP Protocol Based on Virtual Instrumentation Abhyarthana Bisoyi, Umesh Chandra Pati 22-26 14513 View
6 A Technique for Image Search Using Fractal Quadtree Partitioned Iterated Function System-A Survey Shraddha Viraj Pandit, Manish Shreevastava 27-29 11820 View
7 Analysis on Photovoltaic Assisted Three Phase five level Unipolar PWM Inverter for Induction Motor Driven Water Pumping System Ajay Kumar Maurya, Kishore Chahar, Y. K. Chauhan 30-35 12793 View
8 SEPIC Based PFC Converter for PMBLDCM Drive in Air Conditioning System Amit Kumar Sinha, Gandhi. R 36-41 11799 View
9 A study on implementing Green IT in Enterprise 2.0 Shalabh Agarwal, Asoke Nath 42-48 13300 View
10 Switching of Picosecond Pulses under Third Order Dispersion Effects in a Non Linear Fiber Coupler Rekha S, James Raja S 49-54 13285 View
11 A linear Fuzzy Goal Programming Method for Solving Optimal Power Generation and Dispatch Problem Bijay Baran Pal, Mousumi Kumar 55-63 11844 View
12 An Unsupervised approach for augmentation of Protein Structure Geetika S. Pandey, R.C Jain 64-68 13539 View
13 Content Base Image Retrieval using Combination of Color, Shape and Texture Features Neha Jain, Sumit Sharma, Ravi Mohan Sairam 69-76 13429 View
14 A Comprehensive study on Cloud Green Computing: To Reduce Carbon Footprints Using Clouds Chiranjeeb Roy Chowdhury, Arindam Chatterjee2, Alap Sardar, Shalabh Agarwal, Asoke Nath 77-84 12774 View
15 Approaches for Disambiguation in Hindi Language Pankaj Kumar, Atul Vishwakarma and Ashwani Kr. Verma 85-89 13165 View
16 Modeling For Runtime Locality Optimizations of Distributed Java Applications Using Dynamic Localization Algorithm Daya Shankar Verma, Abhay Kumar , Amarto Chakrabarty , Haider Banka , Amrita Priyam 90-95 13150 View
17 MRI Brain Image Segmentation based on Thresholding G. Evelin Sujji, Y.V.S. Lakshmi, G. Wiselin Jiji 96-100 13146 View
18 Verification of Data Reliability and Secure Service for Dynamic Data in Cloud Storage Nithiavathy.R, Suresh.J 101-106 15399 View
19 Pair Programming Potential Benefits and Threats Supriya Gupta, Vandana Bhattacharya, Madhumita Singha 107-112 13459 View
20 Microstrip Antenna with Centrally Loaded Inductive Discontinuity for Dual Band Operation A. Raaz, S. Chattopadhyay 113-115 13388 View
21 Application of Green computing in Framing Energy Efficient Software Engineering Aritra Mitra, Riya Basu, Avik Guha, Shalabh Agarwal, Asoke Nath 116-120 12483 View
22 Ethics of E-Commerce in Information and Communications Technologies Santosh Kumar Das, Abhishek Kumar, Bappaditya Das, A.P.Burnwal 121-123 12322 View
23 Genetic Algorithm Based Goal Programming Procedure for Solving Interval-Valued Multilevel Programming Problems Papun Biswas, Bijay Baran Pal, Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Debjani Chakraborti 124-134 10539 View
24 A Novel Approach for Improving the Performance of TCP by TCP Reno and SACK Acknowledgement in high traffic density conditions with cognitive radios Reena rai and Maneesh Shreevastava 135-141 12095 View
25 Cross Dumbbell Periodic Defected Ground Structure Characteristics Prakash K Kuravatti, T. S. Rukmini 142-147 12307 View
26 ECG signal analysis for detection of Heart Rate and Ischemic Episodes Goutam Kumar Sahoo, Samit Ari, Sarat Kumar Patra 148-152 12353 View
27 A Comprehensive Study on Animal miRNAs: A Computational approach to explore its implications in Biological and Chemical environments Joyshree Nath 153-158 13259 View
28 Selection of suitable Topology and Switching Technique of ZSI for wind power application Tanmoy Maity, Santosh Sonar 159-164 14879 View
29 An Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocol Neha Gupta, Manish Shrivastava 165-170 10415 View
30 DEDD Symmetric-Key Cryptosystem Praloy Shankar De, Prasenjit Maiti 171-175 13065 View
31 Efficient Frequent Pattern Mining Techniques of Semi Structured data: a Survey Leena A Deshpande, R.S. Prasad 176-180 12121 View
32 Numerical Analysis of Free Surface in Water Model for Design of Submerged Entry Nozzle Rajat Kumar Das, Sukanta Kumar Dash 181-186 11036 View
33 Monitoring and Analysis of Vibration Signal Based on Virtual Instrumentation Sunita Mohanta, Umesh Chandra Pati 187-191 13015 View
34 Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach to Chance Constrained Multilevel Programming Problems Mousumi Kumar, Bijay Baran Pal 192-199 13728 View
35 Modeling and Simulation on Double Delta Wing Sukanta Saha, Bireswar Majumdar 200-204 13640 View
36 Renovated Cluster Based Routing Protocol for MANET Yuvraj Kumbharey, Suwesh Shukla, Sushil Chaturvedi 205-210 13071 View
37 Design of Rectangular Stepped DRA for Wireless Local Area Network (Wlan) Applications Chinmaya Sahoo, P. K. Sahu, S. K. Behera 211-213 11531 View
38 Design of Ultrasonic Transducer MEMS Model for Distance Measurement using Multiphysics Priyabrata Pattnaik, Jhansirani Jena, S.K.Pradhan, S.K. Kamilla, Mihir Narayan Mohanty 214-218 11699 View
39 ANFIS Prediction Model of a Modified Active Greenhouse Dryer in No-Load conditions in the Month of January Om Prakash, Anil Kumar 219-222 13828 View
40 A Survey on Different Approaches for Energy Conservation in Wireless Sensor Networks Rumpa Mukherjee, Arindom Mukherjee 223-228 13006 View
41 A Piecewise Linear Approximation Method to Solve Fuzzy Separable Quadratic Programming Problem Shyamal Sen, Bijay Baran Pal 229-234 13639 View
42 Effect of Blur and Noise on Image Denoising based on PDE Meenal Jain, Sumit Sharma, Ravi Mohan Sairam 235-240 12429 View
43 Research on Qualitative Analysis of LEACH with Wormhole attack in Wireless Sensor Network Priya Maidamwar and Nekita Chavhan 241-246 9137 View
44 Semi-Automatic Mapping Generation for the DBpedia Information Extraction Framework Arup Sarkar, Ujjal Marjit, Utpal Biswas 247-252 9895 View
45 Implementing Log Based Security in Data Warehouse Amritpal Singh, Nitin Umesh 253-257 9580 View
46 Effective Performance Evaluation of On-Demand Routing Protocol for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network Srinivas Sethi, Sangita Pal, Ashima Rout 258-261 9416 View
47 A Robust Technique for Feature-based Image Mosaicing using Image Fusion Vimal Singh Bind, Priya Ranjan Muduli, Umesh Chandra Pati 262-268 11276 View
48 New Lightweight Security Protocol for VANET by Using Registration Identity and Group Certificate Aditi Garg, Ankita Agrawal, Niharika Chaudhary3, Shivanshu Gupta, Devesh Pandey, Tumpa Roy 269-274 9449 View
49 Study on Testing as a Service on Cloud Shruti N. Pardeshi 275-278 9017 View
50 PLST: Point Location Using Search Technique Algorithms Syed Jaffar Abbas , Raju Manjhi 279-282 7028 View
51 Mechanical usage for Unused Mineral Insulating Oils for Transformers and Switchgear L.D.N. Sahdeo, Arvind Kumar 283-288 7765 View
52 An effective algorithm for Image security based on Compression and Decomposition method Seetaiah Kilaru, Yojana Kanukuntla and K B S Chary 289-294 9630 View
53 Spintronics: A New Nanoelectronics Adventure Rohit Apurva, Sonia Chandan, Abhilash Katkar, Prashant Shinde 295-300 11502 View
54 Ethics of Reducing Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks using Soft Computing Techniques Santosh Kumar Das, Abhishek Kumar, Bappaditya Das and A.P.Burnwal 301-304 9611 View
55 Shaft Misalignment Detection using Stator Current Monitoring Alok Kumar Verma, Somnath Sarangi and M.H. Kolekar 305-309 7542 View
56 Privacy and Security: Online Social Networking Akriti Verma, Deepak Kshirsagar, Sana Khan 310-315 7554 View
57 Performance Comparison of AODV & DSR Routing Protocol in a Fading Environment D.D.Seth, Harpreet Jolly, Dipti Divya, Garima Aastha, Jewsree Brahma 316-320 7130 View