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Special Issue- Research Trends on Humanized Big Data

Issue Editors:
Wai Chi Fang
TSMC Distinguished Chair Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Tai-hoon Kim (Lead Guest Editor)
Professor, Department of Convergence Security Engineering, Sungshin Womens University, South Korea
Sabah Mohammed
Professor, Department of Computer Science, Lakehead University, Ontario Canada
Mincong Tang
Executive Director, International Center for Informatics Research (ICIR), Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

S.No. Paper Image Title Author Pages View Google Scholar
1 No Image A technical study of remote backup center performance using public virtual private network

Hooki Lee, Sungtaek Lee, JongHyuk Seong, HoGun Rou and GwangYong Gim 1-10 5706 View
2 No Image Supporting synchronous and asynchronous communications in event-based communication framework for client-server applications

Mingyu Lim 11-19 5923 View
3 No Image An empirical analysis on medical information sharing model based on blockchain

DOI: 10.19101/IJACR.SRS16001
Sung-Hwa Han, Ju-Hyung Kim, Won-Seok Song and Gwang-Yong Gim 20-27 6038 View
4 No Image Optimal path calculation for virtual networks using genetic algorithm

Man Soo Han 28-36 5885 View
5 No Image Study on response time measurement of distracted driving by virtual reality driving simulator

Sunwoo Kim, Seongsoo Park, Hyowon Jeong and Junghwan Sung 37-45 5602 View
6 No Image Design of the rubrics evaluation lists and the education contents for improve the computational thinking by using physical computing tool

Junhyeong Lee and Hyeongok Lee 46-52 5333 View
7 No Image Bspace: a group workspace over the Ethereum blockchain with off-blockchain storage

Jae-Hwan Jin, Hyun-Min Eom and Myung-Joon Lee 53-60 5779 View
8 No Image Extended IEEE 802.11p using distance-based grouping algorithm

Baul Lee and Jin-Yeong Um 61-71 6036 View
9 No Image A leading cyber warfare strategy according to the evolution of cyber technology after the fourth industrial revolution

Sin-Kon Kim, Sang-Pil Cheon and Jung-Ho Eom 72-80 6006 View