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1 A Novel Class, Object and Inheritance based Coupling Measure (COICM) to Find Better OOP Paradigm using JAVA Narendra Pal Singh Rathore, Ravindra Gupta 1-6 1602 View
2 An Analytical Approach for Optimal Clustering Architecture for Maximizing Lifetime in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks Yogesh Rai, Vineet Richhariya 7-12 2750 View
3 Performance Analysis and Simulation Result of MC-CDMA for AWGN Channel and Rayleigh Based on SNR/BER Vikas Gupta, Ruby Tiwari 13-17 1270 View
4 A Survey on Close-degree of Concept Lattice and Attribute Reduction in Data Mining Services Sapna Sahu, Surendra Mishra 18-22 3365 View
5 An Analysis of Cloud Model-Based Security for Computing Secure Cloud Bursting and Aggregation in Real Environment Pritesh Jain, Vaishali Chourey, Dheeraj Rane 23-27 1494 View
6 A Novel Open Service Framework Mining (OSFM) for Executing Data Mining tasks Asif Ali, Gajendra Chandel 28-32 1511 View
7 Exploiting need of Service-Oriented Framework for Executing Data Mining Services Sonali Jain, Niket Bhargava 33-37 1368 View
8 An Approach Based on MIMO and PN Sequence coding for Reduction of Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) in Clipped OFDM Hema Singh, Aaditya Khare 38-40 1797 View
9 Multi-Input Multi-Output Fading Channel Equalization with Constellation Selection and Space-Time Precoders Ankita Shukla, Abhishek Choubey 41-45 1473 View
10 Performance of Turbo Code for UMTS in AWGN channel Bhavana Shrivastava, Yudhishthir Raut, Ravi Shankar Mishra 46-51 2149 View
11 Comprehensive Analysis with KVM Techniques and Implementation of Object Pool Based on J2ME RMS Nandika Sood, Amit Sinhal 52-56 1702 View
12 A Novel Cloud Computing Mapping and Management through Class and Object Hierarchy (CCMMCOH) Naveen Gurjar, Ravindra Gupta 57-61 1084 View
13 Analytical Approach for Analyzing Trusted Security System for Data Sharing in Cloud Environment Anand Srivastava, Surendra Mishra, Pankaj Kawadkar 62-66 1170 View
14 Impact of Cloud Computing Platform Based on Several Software Engineering Paradigm Monika Kherajani, Ajit Shrivastava 67-71 1723 View
15 An Analytical Approach for Efficient OFDM Modulator and Demodulator Communication Systems Based on Discrete Hartley Transform Sonal Sharma, Sumit Sharma 72-76 943 View
16 Object Oriented Mutation Applied in Java Application programming Interface and C++ Classes Titu Singh Arora, Ravindra Gupta 77-81 1894 View
17 Dynamic Dropped packet regulation of contention window for enhancement of IEEE_802.11e Nakul Vyas,Yogeshver Khandagre 82-85 841 View
18 Cloud Aggregation and Bursting for Object based Sharable Environment Pradeep Kumar Tripathi, Surendra Mishra, Pankaj Kawadkar 86-90 1705 View
19 Analysis of Function generation on the basis of Object Oriented paradigm Kamlesh Gujar, Surendra Mishra, Pankaj Kawadkar 91-95 807 View
20 An Object Oriented Record Management System (OORMS) for M-Commerce System Based on J2ME Wireless Tool Kit Santosh Kushwaha, Shiv Kumar, Neetesh Gupta 96-100 701 View
21 Biometrics-A Way of Brain Fingerprinting Ruby Tiwari, Yogendra Dubey, Madhurima Bose 101-104 952 View