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1 A Distributed DB Architecture for Processing cPIR Queries Sultan.M, Karthi.M, ManikandaPrabhu.M, Muruganandham.N, Tashelat Masleena.S 1-6 324 View
2 Content Sniffing Attack Detection in Client and Server Side: A Survey Bhupendra Singh Thakur, Sapna Chaudhary 7-10 1096 View
3 OFDM Channel Estimation using a MMSE Estimator of a Comb-type System Sonali .D.Sahu, A.B.Nandgaonkar 11-16 384 View
4 Comparative Result Analysis of Novel Algorithm based on RBF Network for Image Enhancement Shobhit Verma, Hitesh Gupta 17-23 738 View
5 Cross Layer Energy Conservation in Routing Protocol for MANET Pandit Savyasaachi J., Shah Niyati 24-29 522 View
6 Classification of Cancer Gene Selection Using Random Forest and Neural Network Based Ensemble Classifier Jogendra Kushwah, Divakar Singh 30-34 558 View
7 Apriori and Ant Colony Optimization of Association Rules Anshuman Singh Sadh, Nitin Shukla 35-42 1166 View
8 Angular Skew Correction Algorithm for Handwritten Hindi Text Rohit Sharma, Utkarsh Mathur, Naveen Srivastava 43-46 598 View
9 Efficient Retrieval of Images for Search Engine by Visual Similarity and Re Ranking Viswa S S 47-52 1361 View
10 Implementation of 64-Point Reconfigurable FFT Processor for ASIP Architecture B.S.Mahant, L.P.Thakare 53-55 592 View
11 An Auto ranging Data Converter Implementation in FPGA Jithin Krishnan, Sreekumari B, Jiju K 56-60 358 View
12 A Study of Video Object Tracking based on Automatic Background Segmentation and updating using Different Technique Pushpender Prasad Chaturvedi, Amit Singh Rajput, Aabha Jain 61-66 404 View
13 Behaviour of OFDM System using MATLAB Simulation S.S.Ghorpade, S.V.Sankpal 67-71 596 View
14 Implementation of FFT by using MATLAB: SIMULINK on Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs: Performance of a Paired Transform Based FFT Ranganadh Narayanam, Artyom M. Grigoryan, Bindu Tushara D 72-78 701 View
15 Monitoring Greenhouse using Wireless Sensor Network Rohit.K.Nikhade, S.L.Nalbalwar 79-85 655 View
16 Video Object Tracking based on Automatic Background Segmentation and updating using RBF neural network Pushpender Prasad Chaturvedi, Amit Singh Rajput, Aabha Jain 86-90 592 View
17 A survey of Performance Analysis in MIMO-OFDM Systems Jitendra Kumar Daksh, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 91-94 472 View
18 Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks H.Srikanth.Kamath 95-100 364 View
19 Reduction of Data Sparsity in Collaborative Filtering based on Fuzzy Inference Rules Atisha Sachan, Vineet Richhariya 101-107 350 View
20 Topology control in MANET for efficient energy conservation Krushna J. Pandit, Shah Niyati 108-115 432 View
21 Harmonics Mitigation Using Active Power Filter Sourabh Gupta, Preeti Gupta 116-120 324 View
22 An Efficient Algorithm for Auto Upload and Chi-Square Test on Application Software Sampada Kembhavi, Ravindra Gupta, Gajendra Singh 121-125 902 View
23 Performance Analysis with Space-time coding in MIMO-OFDM Systems with Multiple Antennas Jitendra Kumar Daksh, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 126-129 693 View
24 A survey of BER Performance of Generalized MC DS-CDMA System Rishi Choubey, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 130-133 536 View
25 Review of various Techniques in Clustering Megha Gupta, Vishal Shrivastava 134-137 424 View
26 Personal Identification with Face Biometrics using Color Local Texture Features Vani A.Hiremani, Sanjeevakumar M.Hatture 138-145 635 View
27 Design of Intrusion Detection Model Based on FP-Growth and Dynamic Rule Generation with Clustering Manish Somani, Roshni Dubey 146-150 432 View
28 Improved registration system of Cloudtarun over Android Devices Tarun Goyal, Aakanksha Agrawal, Somil Jain, Vaibhav Doshi 151-158 341 View
29 Performance Analysis of Generalized MC DS-CDMA System Rishi Choubey, Ravi Mohan, Sumit Sharma 159-162 789 View
30 Implementation of Co-Operative Communication Protocol H.Srikanth.Kamath 163-171 556 View
31 Triangulated Irregular Network Model from Mass Points Neeraj Bhargava, Ritu Bhargava, Prakash Singh Tanwar 172-176 605 View
32 An efficient Synchronization Aspects in Cognitive Radio Systems Dhawal Beohar, V.B. Baru 177-182 473 View
33 Data Authentication Using Cryptography Sagar Chouksey, Rashi Agrawal, Dushyant Verma,Tarun Metta 183-186 337 View
34 Performance of coopMAC Protocols over CSMA/CA 802.11 protocols H.Srikanth.Kamath 187-192 332 View
35 An Efficient Algorithm for Calculating Maximum Bipartite matching in a Graph Neha Bora, Swati Arora, Nitin Arora 193-199 318 View
36 Performance Analysis of Image Classification Algorithm Based on Feature Fusing Technique Model Mukul Yadav, Gajendra Singh Chandel, Ravindra Gupta 200-204 351 View