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1 Elderly People Health Monitoring System using Fuzzy Rule Based Approach Ayman M. Mansour, Mohammad A. Obaidat and Bilal Hawashin 904-914 837 View
2 Hierarchal Scheduling Algorithm for Congestion Traffi Control Using Multi-Agent Systems Ma’en Saleh, Ahmad Aljaafreh and Naeem Al-Oudat 915-921 764 View
3 Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Inference Systems for Air Conditioner Swati R. Chaudhari and Manoj E. Patil 922-927 703 View
4 Vehicle Classification by Lane Allowance Vishakha Gaikwad and B.A.Sonkamble 928-933 842 View
5 A Cluster Based Approach for Classification of Web Results Apeksha Khabia and M. B. Chandak 934-938 949 View
6 Study of Face Recognition Techniques Sangeeta Kaushik, R. B. Dubey and Abhimanyu Madan 939-949 727 View
7 Review on Matching Infrared Face Images to Optical Face Images using LBP Kamakhaya Argulewar and Shweta V. Jain 950-955 830 View
8 Affinity Aware VM Colocation Mechanism for Cloud Nilesh Pachorkar and Rajesh Ingle 956-960 1008 View
9 A Framework of Email Cleansing and Mining With Case Study on Image Spamming Pritha Ghosh 961-965 702 View
10 Monitoring and Automatic Control for Ship Power Plants Based Logical Algorithms Mahmoud Mohammad Salem Al-suod, Ushkarenko Alexander O and Dorogan Olga I 966-972 909 View
11 Modular Arithmetic in RSA Cryptography Sridevi and Manajaih.D.H 973-978 779 View
12 An Analysis among Physiological and Physical Fitness of Middle Distance and Long Distance Runners Rajwant Singh and SomanPreet Singh 979-984 884 View
13 Dental Image Matching By Canny Algorithm for Human Identification Deven N. Trivedi, Ashish M. Kothari, Sanjay Shah and Shingala Nikunj 985-990 818 View
14 Intuitionistic fuzzy stability of cubic type mapping Anil Kumar and Manoj Ahlawat 991-994 702 View