Manuscript Publishing Charges

The International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE) is an open access journal that provides free and unrestricted access to its published papers. As a result, ACCENTS does not charge any subscription fees for accessing the journal. To cover the costs associated with publishing papers in IJATEE, ACCENTS collects Manuscript Publishing Charges (MPC) from authors, authors' institutes, or research funding bodies only if their paper has been accepted for publication. Authors are not required to pay the MPC during the initial manuscript submission process. Instead, these charges are only applicable if their paper has been accepted for publication. Therefore, authors are required to pay the MPC only after their paper has been accepted for publication in IJATEE. The detail of publication fee is mentioned below:

Indian Authors: 15000 INR

Outside India: 300 USD

All manuscripts that are accepted for publication in IJATEE and have been registered will be made available online on the journal's website. Additionally, these manuscripts will be shared with IJATEE's indexing partner databases. Upon publication, Authorship Certificates will be sent to all authors via email.

Upon acceptance of your article, you will receive instructions on how to complete the payment.