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1 A Novel Data Gathering Protocol with Node Detection and Sharing (DGPNDS) in Mobile-Sink Based Java Environment
Yogesh Rai, Vineet Richhariya, Vivek Richhariya 1-8 6575 View
2 Secure Three Prime RSA from Hardware Fault Attack
Ravi Rai Chaudhary , Deepali Kelkar , Vikas Arya 9-13 6959 View
3 The Study of Detecting Replicate Documents Using MD5 Hash Function
Pushpendra Singh Tomar, Maneesh Shreevastava 14-17 6344 View
4 A Wireless Sensor Network in Vibration Monitoring of Equipment’s
Vimal Upadhyay, R. S. Sikarwar, Shuchi Sharma, Shivalika Singh 18-20 7375 View
5 Result Analysis and Benefits of Detecting Replicate Documents Using MD5 Hash Function
Pushpendra Singh Tomar, Maneesh Shreevastava 21-26 6884 View
6 Improving Performance of Wi-Fi by Compact MIMO Systems by using Gama Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
Sudesh Gupta , Rajesh Nema , Puran Gour 27-32 6758 View
7 A Modern Non Candidate Approach for sequential pattern mining with Dynamic Minimum Support
Kumudbala Saxena, C.S. Satsangi 33-37 7204 View
8 A Practical approach for fault component network for Current and Voltage Phasor Diagram in Power Electronic Environment
Ashish Choubey , Latika Pande 38-42 6135 View
9 A Study of Analytics Driven Solutions for Customer Targeting and Sales Force Allocation in Data Mining
Santosh Soni 43-47 7522 View
10 Generation of Multiresonator Based RFID System with Accurate Attenuation and Fill until Complete Mechanism (AAFCM)
Shazia Shireen , Rajesh Nema , Puran Gour 48-53 6790 View
11 Cloud Computing Utility and Applications
Pradeep Kumar Tiwari, Rajesh Kumar Shrivastava, Satish Pandey , Pradeep Kumar Tripathi 54-58 7661 View
12 A Novel Java Based Computation and Comparison Method (JBCCM) for Differentiating Object Oriented Paradigm Using Coupling Measures
Sandeep Singh, Geetika S.Pandey, Yogendra Kumar Jain 59-63 7012 View
13 A Novel Reconfigurable Character based Token Set Pruner (RCBTSP) for Heterogeneous Environment
Reeta Budhani, Dalima Parwani, Meenu Tahilyani, Subuhi Kashif Ansari 64-69 6488 View
14 Advanced Instrumentation
Yogendra Dubey, Madhurima Bose , Priyesh Jiaswal 70-77 6115 View
15 Web Log Mining using Improved Version of Proposed Algorithm
Manish Shrivastava, Kapil Sharma, Angad Singh 78-83 7066 View
16 Applying Frequent Pattern Mining in Cloud Computing Environment
Dheresh Soni , Atish Mishra , Satyendra Singh Thakur , Nishant Chaurasia 84-88 7454 View
17 Comparative study of space time trellis code using two transmitter and various receiver antenna using Rayleigh fading scenario
Sujeet Singh Bhadouria , Manish Shrivastava , Kavita Deshmukh 89-95 6844 View
18 Comparisons of Short Term Load Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network and Regression Method
Rajesh Deshmukh , Amita Mahor 96-100 6865 View
19 Recovery of Alum Coagulant from Water Treatment Plant Sludge: A Greener Approach for Water Purification
Smita Joshi , Kriti Shrivastava 101-103 6452 View
20 Artificial Neural Network Based Approach for short load forecasting
Rajesh Deshmukh , Amita Mahor 104-108 6260 View