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1 A Reducing Data Traffic and Enhancing Data Availability to Deliver Packet in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
Prashant Shrivastava, Manish Shrivastava, Kavita Deshmukh 1-6 6384 View
2 Secure Handshake in Wi-Fi Connection (A Secure and Enhanced Communication Protocol)
Ranbir Sinha, Nishant Behar, Devendra Singh 7-11 7034 View
3 Recent Research and Comparison of QoS Routing Algorithms for MPLS Networks
Santosh Kulkarni, Reema Sharma, Ishani Mishra 12-20 6403 View
4 Performance of ANN using Back Propagation Algorithm for Medical Diagnosis System
Arti Gupta, Manish Shrivastava 21-25 6688 View
5 Investigation on TCP/IP Congestion Control in Optical Burst Switched (OBS) Network
Payal Daryani, Sanjay Sharma 26-30 6188 View
6 A Profound Survey on Swarm Intelligence
Manish Mahant, Bharat Choudhary, Abhishek Kesharwani, Kalyani Singh Rathore 31-36 6529 View
7 Comparative Study between Traditional and Heuristic Approach on Close-degree Concept Lattice for better Attribute Reduction
Ravindra k. Gupta, Sapna Sahu, Shailendra Singh 37-40 6345 View
8 Overview of Security issues in Cloud Computing
Ajey Singh, Maneesh Shrivastava 41-45 6333 View
9 Uses of ICT in Agriculture
Manish Mahant, Abhishek Shukla, Sunil Dixit, Dileshwer Patel 46-49 7494 View
10 Examining of Blocking Probability Computation in Optical Network
Anurag Anant Mishra, Sanjay Sharma 50-54 6846 View
11 The Efficient SVM Kernel Method for Image Compression and Image Recognition
A.Athiraja, A.Baranidharan, D.Nagendra Kumar, S.Vignesh Manickam 55-60 6340 View
12 Identification of current attacks and their counter measures in Optical Burst Switched (OBS) network
Siddharth Singh Chouhan, Sanjay Sharma 61-64 6616 View
13 Email Spam Filter using Bayesian Neural Networks
Nibedita Chakraborty, Anjani Patel 65-69 6589 View
14 Exploring Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Based Reversible Circuit
Saroj Kumar Chandra, Deepak Kant Netam 70-75 6549 View
15 Future of Cloud Computing in India
Pradeep Kumar Tiwari 76-80 6198 View
16 Performance Improvement of TCP by TCP Reno and SACK Acknowledgement
Reena Rai, Maneesh Shreevastava 81-85 6427 View
17 Authentication of Primary User in Cognitive Radio
Sudesh Gupta , Rajesh Nema , Puran Gour 86-90 6265 View