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1 An Approach to Simplify Reversible Logic Circuits
Pabitra Roy, Subrata Das, Samar Sensarma 1-6 8812 View
2 FPGA Based Quadruple Precision Floating Point Arithmetic for Scientific Computations
Mamidi Nagaraju, Geedimatla Shekar 7-12 9055 View
3 Reduction of Co-Channel Interference in transmit/Receive diversity (TRD) in MIMO System
Manisha Rathore, Puspraj Tanwar 13-17 9215 View
4 Survey paper on different approaches of Threshold Cryptography
Neha Gupta, Manish Shrivastava, Aditya Goel 18-23 8996 View
5 Modeling & Simulation of Multi-Pulse Converters for Harmonic Reduction
Deependra Singh, Hemant Mahala, Paramjeet Kaur 24-32 8837 View
6 Design and Experimental Implementation of Bipedal robot
Sreejith C, Sreeshma K 33-39 8850 View
7 Removal of cyclic prefix in Adaptive Non-Contiguous OFDM for Dynamic Spectrum Access using DWT and WT
Saket kumar, Puspraj Tanwar 40-44 8546 View
8 Medical Image Protection using steganography by crypto-image as cover Image
Vinay Pandey, Manish Shrivastava 45-48 8912 View
9 Prevention of Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities using Dynamic Hash Generation Technique on the Server Side
Shashank Gupta, Lalitsen Sharma, Manu Gupta, Simi Gupta 49-54 8874 View
10 A Review of Content Based Image Classification using Machine Learning Approach
Sandeep Kumar, Zeeshan Khan, Anurag jain 55-60 8479 View
11 Location Privacy Using User Anonymity and Dummy Locations
Prince Kumar Sahu, Saroj Kumar Chandra 61-64 8754 View
12 Comparison and Analysis of an efficient Image Compression Technique Based on Discrete 2-D wavelet transforms with Arithmetic Coding
Deepika Sunoriya, Uday Pratap Singh, Vineet Ricchariya 65-74 8725 View
13 Performance Evaluation of Cross Layer QoS scheduling for Long Term Evolution Network
D. Vinayagam, R. Kurinjimalar, D. Srinivasan 75-83 8968 View
14 Biorthogonal Wavelet Transform Digital Image Watermarking
B. Rajendra Prasad, K.Vinayaka Kota, B. Mysura Reddy 84-89 8827 View
15 Analysis of fault using microcomputer protection by symmetrical component method
Ashish Choubey, Latika Pande 90-95 8882 View
16 Investigation of rerouting system in Optical Network
Sushil Chaturvedi, Manish Shrivastava 96-98 8451 View
17 Swing Detection Using Onto Tree
Rakesh Pandit, Parag Sohoni, Sachin Patel 99-105 8925 View
18 Transmission of Power to the Island Using HVDC (From Indian continent to Lakshadweep island)
B. Vijayalakshmi, C. Ram Kumar 106-110 8904 View
19 An Empirical Study on feature selection for Data Classification
S.Rajarajeswari, K.Somasundaram 111-115 8427 View
20 Studies on IPTV over IMS test bed
K. Sundara Raja Raja Perumal, D. Vinayagam, K. Porkamalapathandevi 116-122 9036 View
21 An Optimized Feature Selection for Image Classification Based on SVM-ACO
Priyanka Dhasal, Shiv Shakti Shrivastava, Hitesh Gupta, Parmalik Kumar 123-128 8711 View
22 Design and Comparative Study of Three Photovoltaic Battery Charge Control Algorithms in MATLAB/SIMULINK Environment
Ankur Bhattacharjee 129-137 9049 View
23 Secure Query Processing and Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
R. Jebakumar, P. Vivekanandan 138-141 8812 View
24 Analysis and comparison of the 4-PSK and 8-PSK STTC over Rayleigh fading Channels for determining Performance
Pragya Gupta , Uday Pratap Singh, Vineet Richhariya 142-149 8293 View
25 Reduction of Noise Image Using LMMSE
Joginder Singh, R. B. Dubey 150-155 8951 View
26 An Efficient Wavelength variation approach for Bend Sensing in Single mode-Multimode-Single mode Optical Fiber Sensors
Abdul Samee Khan, Mohd. Sarwar Raeen 156-162 8662 View
27 A Review of Multi-Class Classification for Imbalanced Data
Mahendra Sahare, Hitesh Gupta 163-168 8990 View
28 Finding Frequent Pattern with Transaction and Occurrences based on Density Minimum Support Distribution
Preeti Khare, Hitesh Gupta 169-174 10163 View
29 A New Classification Approach for PolSAR Images
T. J. Singh Chugh, R. B. Dubey and Sujata 175-181 8523 View
30 SVD Detection for Cognitive Radio Network based on Average of Maximum-Minimum of the ICDF
Mohd. Fahad Fahim, Mohd. Sarwar Raeen 182-187 8763 View
31 Design Hybrid method for intrusion detection using Ensemble cluster classification and SOM network
Deepak Rathore, Anurag Jain 188-194 8920 View
32 A Study Paper on IDS Attack Classification Using Various Data Mining Techniques
Sneha Kumari, Maneesh Shrivastava 195-200 8695 View
33 Feature Extraction of Mammograms
Monika Sharma, R. B. Dubey, Sujata, S. K. Gupta 201-209 8679 View
34 A Review of Density-Based clustering in Spatial Data
Pragati Shrivastava, Hitesh Gupta 210-213 8706 View
35 Java Based Resource Sharing with Secure Transaction in User Cloud Environment
Sanjay Kumar Brahman, Brijesh Patel 214-218 9423 View
36 BER Analysis of MIMO-OFDM System using BPSK Modulation Scheme
Shruti Trivedi, Mohd. Sarwar Raeen, Shalendra Singh pawar 219-226 9779 View
37 Tag Based Client Side Detection of Content Sniffing Attacks with File Encryption and File Splitter Technique
Syed Imran Ahmed Qadri, Kiran Pandey 227-233 9946 View