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1 All-Optical Reversible Hybrid New Gate using TOAD
Goutam Kumar Maity, Supriti Samanta, Ashis Kumar Mandal 1-10 15939 View
2 An Enhanced Model for e-Government (A Comparative Study between Jordanian and Iraqi Citizens)
Reyadh S. Naoum, Zaid Ahmed Nadhim 11-18 14387 View
3 Morphological Analyser for Hindi – A Rule Based Implementation
Ankita Agarwal, Pramila, Shashi Pal Singh, Ajai Kumar, Hemant Darbari 19-25 13723 View
4 APM (Simple MPC) vs. PID – Detailed Comparison
Enes Saletovic 26-31 16013 View
5 Harmonic Analysis and Design of Embedded Z-Source Inverter for Induction Motor Drives
P.Kannan 32-38 16250 View
6 Implementation and Validation of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Robotic Surgery
Aarshay Jain, Deepansh Jagotra, Vijayant Agarwal 39-45 15362 View
7 Sparse Representation Fusion of Fingerprint, Iris and Palmprint Biometric Features
S.Anu H Nair, P.Aruna, K.Sakthivel 46-53 12264 View
8 Evaluation and Ranking of Machine Translated Output in Hindi Language using Precision and Recall Oriented Metrics
Aditi Kalyani, Hemant Kumud, Shashi Pal Singh, Ajai Kumar, Hemant Darbari 54-59 14144 View
9 Retrieval of Images Using Weighted Features
N.Puviarasan, R.Bhavani 60-65 16595 View
10 Securing Cloud Infrastructure for High Performance Scientific Computations Using Cryptographic Techniques
G K Patra, Nilotpal Chakraborty 66-72 15030 View
11 Text Hiding Scheme Using Mapping Technique for Spatial Domain
Tanusree Podder, Lalita Kumari, Abhishek Majumder 73-79 14138 View
12 Wavelet Based Image Compression Algorithms – A Study
T.Karthikeyan, B.Praburaj, K.Kesavapandian 80-86 15059 View
13 Classification of Lung Diseases by Image Processing Techniques Using Computed Tomography Images
C.Bhuvaneswari, P.Aruna, D.Loganathan 87-93 16883 View
14 A Survey on Automatic Fall Detection in the Context of Ambient Assisted Living Systems
Velislava Spasova, Ivo Iliev 94-109 15450 View
15 Ciphertext Policy Attribute Set Based Encryption with One-Fold Data Access in Cloud
Surya Prabha.U.S, Marikkannu.P, Arul Vineeth.A.D 110-115 14379 View
16 Frequency Response Enhancement of Hybrid Power System by using PI Controller Tuned with PSO technique
Naresh Kumari, A. N. Jha 116-122 14735 View
17 A Survey on Reliability Estimation Techniques for Mobile Agent based Systems
Prashant Kumar Mishra, Raghuraj Singh 123-133 14347 View
18 Reducing the Disk IO Bandwidth Bottleneck through Fast Floating Point Compression using Accelerators
Ajith Padyana, Devi Sudheer, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Ashok Srinivasan 134-144 17283 View
19 Human Shape Variation - An Efficient Implementation using Skeleton
Dhriti Sengupta, Merina Kundu, Jayati Ghosh Dastidar 145-150 13869 View
20 Miniaturized Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Broadside Radiations for Ultra-Wideband Applications
M. Krishna Kumar, J. Joe Paul, S. Jenita Roobavathy, M. Kavitha, S. K Shaheedha Nazrine 151-155 14947 View
21 Implementation of Prediction Model for Object Oriented Software Development Effort Estimation using One Hidden Layer Neural Network
Chandra Shekhar Yadav, Raghuraj Singh 156-165 14169 View
22 Segmentation and Classification of Tumour in Computed Tomography Liver Images for Detection, Analysis and Preoperative Planning
M V Sudhamani, G T Raju 166-171 13442 View
23 Vision Based Obstacle Detection mechanism of a Fixed Wing UAV
S.N. Omkar, Sanjay Tripathi, Gaurav Kumar, Itika Gupta 172-178 16238 View
24 Faults Prediction for Component Based Software using Interrelated Feed Forward Neural Networks
Deepak Shudhalwar, P. K. Butey 179-197 13949 View
25 Smart Vogels Approximation Method SVAM
Rafah M. almuttairi 198-204 16446 View
26 Adoption of IT within an organization by employees
Tope Samuel Adeyelure, Edzai Kademeteme, Pieter Pretorius, Billy Mathias Kalema 205-211 13371 View
27 Performance evaluation of searching using various indexing techniques in Lucene with Relational Databases
Chetan Khilosiya, H. P. Channe 212-216 16844 View
28 FPGA Implementation of High Throughput Digital QPSK Modulator using Verilog HDL
K.Anitha,Umesharaddy, B.K.Sujatha 217-222 13626 View
29 Mood Based Music Categorization System for Bollywood Music
Amey Ujlambkar, Omkar Upadhye, Akshay Deshpande, Gunwant Suryawanshi 223-230 14772 View
30 An E-Payment System in Nigeria: Success Militating Factors
Tope Samuel Adeyelure, Pieter Pretorius, Billy Mathias Kalema 231-235 13664 View
31 Research on the Development of a New Shop Application Using Android
Subhashree Samal, Swarna Prabha Jena 236-241 14440 View
32 Moving Objects Tracking in Real Time Video and Plotting their Path of Movement
Rupali Naha , Antariksha Ray , Priteem Sarkar , Debabrata Datta 242-250 14355 View
33 Utilization of Secure Wireless Networks as Environment for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Mohammed A.M. Ibrahim 251-257 17217 View
34 Design of Wide Band Antenna for Ocean Communication: Review
Nisha George, Ganesan R., Dinakardas C. N. 258-265 14054 View
35 A Secure Authenticate Framework for Cloud Computing Environment
Nitin Nagar, Pradeep k. Jatav 266-271 14789 View
36 A Three Phase Four Wire Shunt Active Power Filter Control Algorithm under Unbalanced and Distorted Supply Voltage
K.Srinivas, S S Tulasi Ram 272-277 15787 View
37 Implementing Amalgamation of Graphs on Set of Shorter Path Algorithm Using Genetic Algorithm
Tarak Nath Paul, Abhoy Chand Mondal 278-287 14309 View
38 Socio-economic Status to online Communication Services in Rural Area
Subhash Singh Parihar 288-293 15128 View
39 Multiple Detectors Based Analytical Performance of Spectrum Sensing
S.Taruna, Bhumika Pahwa 294-298 13458 View
40 A Bayes fusion method based ensemble classification approach for Brown cloud application
M.Krishnaveni, P.Subashini, A.Vanitha 299-304 13695 View
41 Voice Matching Using Genetic Algorithm
Abhishek Bal, Nilima Paul, Suvasree Chakraborty, Sonali Sen 305-312 13732 View
42 The Effect of Radiations on the Structural and Electrical Properties of Device Technologies: Comparison and Trends
C P Jain 313-318 13243 View
43 The Comparative study of Automated Face replacement Techniques for Video
Harmesh Sanghvi, D.R. Kasat, Sanjeev Jain, V.M. Thakare 319-324 13904 View
44 A Sanitary Sewer Detection Simulation Model
Manish Mahant Manikpuri, Sapna Choudhary 325-330 12849 View
45 Efficient Frequent Pattern Tree Construction
D.Bujji Babu, R.Siva Rama Prasad, Y.Umamaheswararao 331-336 14542 View
46 A Real Time based Physiological Classifier for Leaf Recognition
Avinash Kranti Pradhan, Pratikshya Mohanty, Shreetam Behera 337-345 14172 View
47 Significance of communication sharing between the Saudi universities using Long Term Evaluation Technology: Evaluation proposal based on Jazan University
Prakash Kuppuswamy, Saleh Mohammed Al-Turki 346-349 13429 View
48 On Demand Multipath Routing Algorithm for Adhoc Wireless Networks
K.V.Kulhalli, Prajakta Rane 357-363 15877 View
49 Modelling and Simulation of Temperature Sensitivity of Bragg Grating Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring Application
Bilkish Mondal, Zakir Hussain, Preeta Sharan, Salim Islam 364-367 15876 View
50 Hands Free Browser-‘An Interactive Speech Browser for Visually Handicapped’
Sachin Kapoor, Kanika Mittal, Adit Gupta 368-374 10103 View
51 A Survey on Different Wake-up Scheduling in WSN
Satish L. Yedage, D. C. Mehetre 375-382 7894 View
52 An efficient Optimization method for Data Classification
Suman Mishra, Prateek Gupta 383-388 7078 View
53 Operating System’s Changes When Installing an Anti-virus Application
Mohammed A. Shehab, Wegdan A. Hussien 389-395 7570 View
54 Smart Test Case Quantifier Using MC/DC Coverage Criterion
S. Shanmuga Priya, Sheba Kezia Malarchelvi 396-401 8088 View
55 High Performance Modeling of Intelligent Pattern Recognition with Enhanced Fault-Tolerance in Real Time
Renukaradhya P.C, Shobha M 402-406 8526 View
56 A Novel Approach in Design of a Fuzzy Based Shunt Active Power Filter for the Enhancement of Power Quality
Soumya I C, DeviVighneshwari 407-413 8024 View