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1 The Correlation among Software Complexity Metrics with Case Study
Yahya Tashtoush, Mohammed Al-Maolegi, Bassam Arkok 414-419 7388 View
2 Performance Analysis of Non- Coherent FSK System with Square Law Combining our Nakagami- m Fading Channel
Krishna Chandra Roy , O.P. Roy 420-426 7120 View
3 Performance Analysis of Optimum Receiver of Nakagami fading Channel for Non-coherent FSK System
Krishna Chandra Roy, O.P. Roy 427-431 7054 View
4 The All Optical New Universal Gate Using TOAD
Goutam Kumar Maity, Ashis Kumar Mandal, Supriti Samanta 432-441 7423 View
5 A Computation Offloading Framework to Optimize Makespan in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
Gaurav, Nitesh Kaushik, Jitender Bhardwaj 442-449 7212 View
6 A Study of Cloud Computing in the University Enterprise
Adigun A. Adebisi, Adegun A. Adekanmi, Asani E. Oluwatobi 450-458 7303 View
7 Deterministic Models for Microarray Gene Expression Profiles
V. Bhaskara Murthy, G. Pardha Saradhi Varma 459-468 6911 View
8 Study on Physiological Parameter Detection Systems
Shruti Madan Kshirsagar, Gyankamal J. Chhajed 469-475 7207 View
9 Automatic Reactive Power Control Using FC-TCR
Dhruvang R Gayakwad, C. R. Mehta, Samir P. Desai 476-480 7293 View
10 An Enhancement of the Replacement Steady State Genetic Algorithm for Intrusion Detection
Reyadh Naoum, Shatha Aziz, Firas Alabsi 487-493 7410 View
11 Defence Mechanism for SYBIL Attacks in MANETS using ABR Protocol
Sowmya P, V. Anitha 494-501 7169 View
12 Combination of Morphological Operations with Structure based Partitioning and grouping for Text String detection from Natural Scenes
Vyankatesh V. Rampurkar, Gyankamal J. Chhajed 502-509 7572 View
13 Automatic Ranking of Machine Translation Outputs Using Linguistic Factors
Pooja Gupta, Nisheeth Joshi, Iti Mathur 510-517 7176 View
14 Technology Implementation in Public Sectors units of Andhra Pradesh
Rakesh Phanindra Akula, V. B. Narasimha, M.Chandrashekar 518-523 6973 View
15 Printed Text Character Analysis Version-I: Optical Character Recognition with the new User Training Mechanism
Satyaki Roy, Ayan Chatterjee, Rituparna Pandit, Kaushik Goswami 524-531 7275 View
16 Image Processing Algorithms – A Comprehensive Study
Mahesh Prasanna K, Shantharama Rai C 532-539 6970 View
17 An Efficient Automated English to Bengali Script Conversion Mechanism
Enakshi Mukhopadhyay, Priyanka Mazumder, Saberi Goswami, Romit S Beed 540-548 7327 View
18 Representative and Diverse Image Set Gathering for Geographic Area and its Surrounding Region
Sonali B. Ulape, Sheetal. A. Takale 549-554 7026 View
19 Utilization of Competitive Intelligence to Enhance Firm Performance: A Case of South African Small and Medium Enterprises
Lynnette Magasa, Mphahlele M.I, Awosejo, O.J 555-559 7278 View
20 Mining Association Rules to Evade Network Intrusion in Network Audit Data
Kamini Nalavade, B.B. Meshram 560-567 7076 View
21 Web Search Results Summarization Using Similarity Assessment
Sawant V.V. , Takale S.A. 568-574 7480 View
22 Preference Based Personalized News Recommender System
Mansi Sood, Harmeet Kaur 575-581 6874 View
23 A Research Paper on Simulation Model for Teaching and Learning Process in Higher Education
S. S. Rai, Anil T. Gaikwad, R.V. Kulkarni 582-587 6687 View
24 An Accurate ANFIS-based MPPT for Solar PV System
Ahmed Bin-Halabi, Adel Abdennour, Hussein Mashaly 588-595 7201 View
25 A Kernel Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm with Generalized Entropy Based on Weighted Sample
Kai Li, Lijuan Cui 596-600 7381 View
26 Printed Text Character Analysis Version-II: Optimized optical character recognition for noisy images with the new user training and background detection mechanism
Satyaki Roy, Ayan Chatterjee, Rituparna Pandit, Kaushik Goswami 601-610 6776 View
27 Design and Modeling of a 3 DOF Machine
Marjan Sikandar 611-617 7117 View
28 Model Driven Development: Research Issues and Opportunities
Mahua Banerjee, Sushil Ranjan Roy, Satya Narayan Singh 618-626 7002 View
29 Development of an Attack-Resistant and Secure SCADA System using WSN, MANET, and Internet
N. Rajesh kumar, P.Mohanapriya, M.Kalaiselvi 627-633 7023 View
30 A Survey on Web Spam and Spam 2.0
Ashish Chandra, Mohammad Suaib 634-644 6652 View
31 Satellite Image Security Improvement by Combining DWT-DCT Watermarking and AES Encryption
Naida.H.Nazmudeen , Farsana.F.J 645-652 7218 View
32 Disease Detection of Cotton Leaves Using Advanced Image Processing
Vivek Chaudhari, C. Y. Patil 653-659 6816 View
33 Design and Implementation of Image Encryption Algorithm Using Chaos
Sandhya Rani M.H., K.L. Sudha 660-664 7108 View
34 Conceptual for User Satisfaction with the E-government in North of Jordan
Fawzi hasan Altaany, Khalid ahmmad alsoudani 665-672 7269 View
35 Curvelet based Image Compression using Support Vector Machine and Core Vector Machine – A Review
P. Anandan, R. S. Sabeenian 673-679 6949 View
36 ATM, FDDI and Network Intrusion Simulation for Packet Data Networks
Shahiruddin, D K Singh, Nidhi Verma, Sugandha Shukla 680-685 6816 View
37 Conceptual Study of OFDM-Coding, PAPR Reduction, Channel Estimation
S S Riya Rani, I R Anzija, L Shameema Hameed 686-692 7167 View
38 Application of High Order X-LMS Filter for Active Noise Control
N.V.K.Mahalakshmi, D.Sindhu, B. Ranjith Kumar, N.Santhisri, G. Sowjanya Rao 693-698 6695 View
39 Classifications of Cybercrimes-Based Legislations: A Comparative Research between the UK and KSA
Fahad Abdullah Moafa 699-704 7003 View
40 Digital Watermarking for Medical Images using Biorthogonal Wavelet Filters and Transformed Watermark Embedding
Mahavir Dhoka, Jitendra Kadam 705-712 6571 View
41 Low Power State Retention Technique for CMOS VLSI Design
K. Mariya Priyadarshini, V. Kailash, M. Abhinaya, K. Prashanthi, Y. Kannaji 713-717 6465 View
42 Tessent BSCAN Insertion on 28nm SOC
M. A. Wavhal, S. U. Bhandari 718-723 6130 View
43 Attack Penetration System for SQL Injection
Manju Kaushik, Gazal Ojha 724-732 6343 View
44 Detecting Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability and performance comparison using C-Time and E-Time
Urmi Chhajed, Ajay Kumar 733-740 6491 View