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1 A Selective Fuzzy Clustering Ensemble Algorithm
Kai Li, Peng Li 1-6 18709 View
2 A Review: Multi-Dimensional Space-Time Multilevel Codes using Rician Fading
Karanvir Sidhu, Gagandeep Singh 7-10 19760 View
3 Designs and Implementation of Learning Application of Fourier Series on Mobile Phones
Moechammad Sarosa, Kristina Widjajanti, Deddy Bagus S., Tri Kencana Galaxy 11-15 20152 View
4 SPIHT Algorithm with Huffman Encoding for Image Compression and Quality Improvement over MIMO OFDM Channel
Dnyaneshwar.K, CH.Suneetha 16-21 19795 View
5 A Comparison between E-Government Ranks in Jordan and Malaysian
Fawzi Altaany, Mohammad Issa Al-Zoubi 22-27 19158 View
6 Multi Way Feedback Encryption Standard Ver-2(MWFES-2)
Asoke Nath, Debdeep Basu, Surajit Bhowmik, Ankita Bose, Saptarshi Chatterjee 28-34 19768 View
7 Root Cause Analysis and New Practical Schemes for better Accessing and Establishing of Dedicated Control Channel in Cellular Networks
Mohammad Rasoul Tanhatalab, Ali Azarshad, Mehrzad Olfat, Mojtaba Shakerifard 35-46 20180 View
8 Performance Analysis of Various Filters for Image Noise Removal in Different Noise Environment
R. Srinivas, Satarupa Panda 47-52 17468 View
9 Smartgrid: An Introduction
Abhas Kumar Singh, Y R Sood, Harmendra Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Gagrai 53-57 22178 View
10 Test case generation for On Board Computer Software Major Components
Dinesha H A, V.K Agrawal 58-62 18597 View
11 Predicting E-Business Adoption through Integrating the Constructs of the Rogers’s Diffusion of Innovation Theory Combined with Technology-Organization-Environment Model
Mohammad Issa Al-Zoubi 63-73 17493 View
12 Estimation of Variance of the time to recruitment under two sources of depletion
S.Dhivya, A.Srinivasan 74-78 16466 View
13 Mathematical model of various statements of C-type Language
Manoj Kumar Srivastav, Asoke Nath 79-87 17977 View
14 Generating Trust Based Recommendations for Multiple Independent Domains
Harmeet Kaur, Deepali Jain 88-97 17798 View
15 Low Power Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform Processor on FPGA
Shashank Gupta 98-105 19236 View
16 Image Classification by Combining Wavelet Transform and Neural Network
Dharmendra Patidar, Nitin Jain, Baluram Nagariya, Manoj Mishra 106-110 19410 View
17 Assembly of an Experimental Quad-Rotor Type UAV for Testing a Novel Autonomous Flight Control Strategy
Shahida Khatoon, Dhiraj Gupta, Ahmad Saad Khan 111-120 15310 View
18 Multi-dimensional Affinity Aware VM Placement Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Nilesh Pachorkar, Rajesh Ingle 121-125 15266 View
19 Prediction of Performance Degradation in Cloud Computing
Pritam Fulsoundar, Rajesh Ingle 126-129 19106 View
20 General Fault Admittance Method Solution of a Line-to-Line Fault
J.D. Sakala, J.S.J. Daka 130-138 18062 View
21 Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews using Hybrid Method of Naive Bayes and Genetic Algorithm
M.Govindarajan 139-145 17826 View
22 Framework for Efficient Secure Steganographic Communication over Network Protocols
Jasbir Singh, Lalitsen Sharma 146-150 14814 View
23 An Optimized Multikeying Chaotic Encryption for Real Time Applications
R. Tamijetchelvy, P. Sankaranarayanan 151-159 19257 View
24 Inverse Kinematics Using Neuro-Fuzzy Intelligent Technique for Robotic Manipulator
Shiv Manjaree, Vijyant Agarwal, B C Nakra 160-165 19958 View
25 Network routing problem-A simulation environment using Intelligent technique
Vijayalaxmi, Chandrashekara S.Adiga, H.G.Joshi, Harish S.V 166-171 14803 View
26 Instrument Cluster Driver Information Display Database and Viewer Tool
Adnan Shaout, Dominic Colella 172-183 18982 View
27 Search the Set of Shorter Paths Using Graph Reduction Technique
Tarak Nath Paul, Abhoy Chand Mondal 184-192 14126 View
28 Novel Method for Edge Detection for Gray Scale Images using VC++ Environment
Harsimran Singh, Tajinder kaur 193-197 19144 View
29 THD Reduction in Performance of Cascaded Multi-Level Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
Naveen Kumar Verma, Preeti Gupta, Amit Shrivastava 198-203 18809 View
30 FPGA - Based Evaluation of Power Analysis Attacks and Its Countermeasures on Asynchronous S-Box
G. Gokulashree, R. Ramya 204-210 17117 View
31 Interactive Image Segmentation and Edge Detection of Medical Images
Sameena Banu, Apparao Giduturi, Syed Abdul Sattar 211-215 15470 View
32 Exploring Security Mechanisms to Android Device
Chetan C.Kotkar, Pravin Game 216-221 15933 View
33 Generation of Branch Coverage Test Data for Simulink/Stateflow Models Using Crest Tool
Sangharatna Godboley, Adepu Sridhar,Bhupendra kharpuse , Durga Prasad Mohapatra, Banshidhar Majhi 222-229 18495 View
34 One Twenty Phase Code Design for Radar
E.N.V. Purna Chandra Rao, S.P Singh 230-235 15836 View
35 Semantic Web Approach towards E-Commerce
V.Kiran Kumar, S.Murali Mohan 236-241 15561 View
36 The EDL Effect in Microchannel Flow: A Critical Review
S. Kumar 242-250 14646 View
37 Content Based Image Retrieval by Multi Features using Image Blocks
Arpita Mathur, Rajeev Mathur 251-255 14388 View
38 An Overview on Data Mining Approach on Breast Cancer data
Shiv Shakti Shrivastava, Anjali Sant, Ramesh Prasad Aharwal 256-262 16157 View
39 Secure and Automated Communication in Client and Server Environment
Saket Gupta 263-271 17161 View
40 Fault Detection of Induction Motor Using Current and Vibration Monitoring
Sumit Narwade, Prasad Kulkarni, C.Y.Patil 272-279 16838 View
41 Deployment Techniques of Nodes in WSN for Multi-Domain Applications A Survey on their performance analysis
Mamatha G, B G Premasudha 280-288 18459 View
42 Segmentation and Canny Edge Method in MRI Brain Cyst Detection
Vrushali D. Dharmale, P. A. Tijare 289-293 14193 View
43 A new Approach for Averting Jamming Invasion with Packet Hiding Methods
M.Ramabai, E.Komalavalli 294-297 16297 View
44 Assessment of Predictive Object Points (POP) Values for Java Projects
Shubha Jain, Vijay Yadav, Raghuraj Singh 298-301 17315 View
45 Automatic Identification of Modal, Breathy and Creaky Voices
Poonam Sharma, Ajay Sharma 302-306 15459 View
46 Automatic Question Generation Using Software Agents for Technical Institutions
Shivank Pandey, K.C. Rajeswari 307-311 18881 View
47 Speed control of PMSM system using improved reaching law based sliding mode control and disturbance observer technique
Shital M.Wasu , U. B. Sarode , M. P. Bhavalkar 312-318 13973 View
48 Hybrid Cryptographic Processor for Secure Communication Using FPGA
Savitha Raj.S, Merlin Sharmila.A, Poorinima Beneta.P 319-324 15366 View
49 Smart System to Recognize EEG Signal for Finding Brain Diseases Using K-Means Clustering
K.Gomathi, D.Leela, S.Prasad 325-329 17389 View
50 Survey on Digital Watermarking on Medical Images
Kavitha K J, Reshma M 330-335 17738 View
51 Image Segmentation Using Two Step Splitting Function
Gopal Kumar Jha, Bhagwan Swaroop Sharma, Tribodh Tripathi 336-343 11573 View
52 Modified Multi Way Feedback Encryption Standard (MWFES) Ver-I
Prabal Banerjee, Purnendu Mukherjee, Asoke Nath 344-351 9982 View