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1 Design of reversible binary logarithmic multiplier and divider using optimal garbage
Arindam Banerjee, Samayita Sarkar, Mainuck Das and Aniruddha Ghosh 1-10 6651 View
2 Qualitative risk level estimation of Business Process Re-engineering efforts and effects (With special reference to IT-sector)
Anita Venaik 11-18 6329 View
3 Biometric Identification System by Lip Shape
Shokhan M. H. and Khitam A. M. 19-24 6266 View
4 Mango suitability evaluation based on GIS, multi criteria weights and sensitivity analysis
Ranya Fadlalla Abdalla Elsheikh, Abdul Rashid B. Mohamed Shariff and Nilanchal Patel 25-34 6599 View
5 Comparative Study between FPA, BA, MCS, ABC, and PSO Algorithms in Training and Optimizing of LS-SVM for Stock Market Prediction
Osman Hegazy, Omar S. Soliman and Mustafa Abdul Salam 35-45 6302 View
6 Linearizing the Characteristics of Gas Sensors using Neural Network
Gowri shankari B and Neethu P S 46-51 5886 View
7 Optimal production planning of wind and thermal power plants with respect to constraints on transmission line and taking into account the uncertainty of wind
Ali Taimori fard, Rahim Ildarabadi and Mahmoud Zadehbagheri 52-61 6428 View
8 Security as a Serious Challenge for E-Banking: a Review of Emmental Malware
Sirwan Geramiparvar and Nasser Modiri 62-67 6313 View
9 Optimization of the structure of diesel-generator units of ship power system
Mahmoud Mohammad Salem Al-suod, Ushkarenko Alexander O and Dorogan Olga I 68-74 6107 View
10 Compressed Sensing Reconstruction of an Audio signal using OMP
Shwetha A. Gangannawar and Saroja V. Siddmal 75-79 6106 View
11 Study of Development of Information and Communication Technology in Azerbaijan with Marketing Approach
Rovshan Karimov and Zaur Imrani 80-93 6245 View
12 Carving and Classification of Crops Weed Using Area Threshold
Amogha B and Ujwala Patil 94-99 6409 View
13 Speech Enhancement using Combinational Adaptive LMS Algorithms
Balaram Mahanti.Soujanya, Ch.Rajasekhara Rao and D.V.L.N.Sastry 100-104 5851 View