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1 A Fast and Adaptive Video-Based Method for Eye Blink Rate Estimation
Gheis Mohammadi, Jamshid Shanbehzadeh and Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh 105-114 6579 View
2 The Gap of Current Agent Based Simulation Modeling Practices and Feasibility of a Generic Agent Based Simulation Model
Yim Ling Loo, Alicia Y.C. Tang and Azhana Ahmad 115-123 7235 View
3 Reliable and energy efficient Nano bacterium communication for optimization solution
Hiren Dutta 124-131 6843 View
4 Tree Formation Using Coordinate Method
Monika Choudhary, Nirja Shukla, Shashi Pal Singh, Ajai Kumar and Hemant Darbari 132-138 6616 View
5 Application of SVM and ELM Methods to Predict Location and Magnitude Leakage of Pipelines on Water Distribution Network
A.Ejah Umraeni Salam, Muh. Tola, Mary Selintung and Farouk Maricar 139-144 6805 View
6 Algorithmization, requirements analysis and architectural challenges of TraConDa
Tiamiyu, Osuolale Abdulrahamon 145-175 6632 View
7 Fall Detection Sensor System for the Elderly
Alicia Y.C. Tang, Chin-Hao Ong and Azhana Ahmad 176-183 6719 View
8 Dynamic Security Architecture among E-Commerce Websites
Ramesh R and Divya G 184-191 6282 View
9 Key Frame Selection for One-Two Hand Gesture Recognition with HMM
Ketki P. Kshirsagar 192-197 6443 View
10 Hindi to English Transfer Based Machine Translation System
Shashi Pal Singh, Ajai Kumar, Akanksha Gehlot and Vaishali Sharma 198-204 6615 View
11 A Simplistic Mechanism for Query Cost Optimization
Debopam De, Deblina Banerjee, Sneha Mukherjee and Jayati Ghosh Dastidar 205-211 6769 View
12 Investigation of Intelligent Control System for Non-Linear Real Time Pressure Control System
Pardeep Rohilla, Vineet Kumar and B.C. Nakra 212-219 6551 View
13 Fail Fast - Fail Often: Enhancing Agile Methodology using Dynamic Regression, Code Bisector and Code Quality in Continuous Integration (CI)
Sandeep Sivanandan 220-224 6643 View
14 Design and Implementation of Enhanced version of MRC6 algorithm for data security
Nanda Hanamant Khanapur and Arun Patro 225-232 6917 View