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1 Audio Steganography: LSB Technique Using a Pyramid Structure and Range of Bytes
Satish Bhalshankar and Avinash K. Gulve 233-248 6741 View
2 Dynamic fragmentation and query translation based security framework for distributed databases
Arunabha Sengupta 249-263 7253 View
3 Investigation in the dispersive medium of the FRFT and its effect on WDM system
Saif H. Abdulwahed 264-269 7142 View
4 Architecture and Ontological Modelling for Assisted Driving and Interaction
Meryem Boudra, Manolo Dulva Hina, Amar Ramdane-Cherif and Chakib Tadj 270-283 7355 View
5 Using Science Museum Curator’s Knowledge to Create Astronomy Educational Content
George Moroni Teixeira Batista, Mamoru Endo, Takami Yasuda, Mayu Urata and Katsuhiro Mouri 284-297 7240 View
6 A multi-agent based model for self motivated learners: self study tool
Elizabeth Muli and James Kimutai 298-303 6947 View
7 Dynamic Flight Simulation of aircraft and its comparison to Flight tests
Reza Khaki and Ali Gharibi 304-311 6529 View
8 Chinese Airline Official Microblog Influence Analysis
Zhang Li and Lin Yan 312-315 6774 View
9 Evaluation of AODV Routing Protocol under MANETS with Various Density Nodes
Himanshu Walia, Jasdeep Singh and Mandeep Singh 316-320 7004 View
10 Advancement in RFID security by proposed framework utilizing Random bit generator and sensor network
Rohit Sharma, Anuj Kumar Agarwal and P.K. Singh 321-326 6952 View
11 Clustering Diabetics Data Using M-CFICA
Jerusha Shalini Vaska and A. M. Sowjanya 327-333 6707 View