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1 Improved Vector Space Model TF/IDF Using Lexical Relations
Minh Chau Huynh, Pham Duy Thanh Le and Trong Hai Duong 334-346 7565 View
2 Efficient Fingerprint Matching Based Upon Minutiae Extraction
Chiranjeeb Roy Chowdhury and Banani Saha 347-354 6918 View
3 Converting an NFA to a DFA with programming C++
M. Davoudi-Monfared, R. shafiezadehgarousi, E. S. Haghi, S. Zeinali and S.Mohebali 355-366 6512 View
4 Comparison of Conventional 6T SRAM cell and FinFET based 6T SRAM Cell Parameters at 45nm Technology
Deepali Verma, Shyam Babu and Shyam Akashe 367-373 6472 View
5 A Comparative Study of Statistical Learning and Adaptive Learning
Ayan Roy and Kaustuvi Basu 374-379 6251 View
6 A Comparative Analysis of Deterministic Sorting Algorithms based on Runtime and Count of Various Operations
Reyha Verma and Jasbir Singh 380-385 6420 View