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1 Electric vehicle power electronics cooling system pump control using fuzzy logic
Adnan Shaout and Jason Cooper 111-120 6675 View
2 Online collaborative video annotation framework using GoodRelations ontology for E-commerce
Triet H. M. LE and Hai T. Duong 121-135 6342 View
3 Research on visualization methods of online education data based on IDL and hadoop
Yu Lasheng, Wu Xu and Yang Yu 136-146 6364 View
4 Optimal thresholds for discrete power levels using adaptive modulation in presence of imperfect channel state information
Reza Mahin Zaeem, Mina Naeimi, Soroosh Tayebi Arasteh and Houda Chihi 147-153 7064 View
5 Fuzzy zero day exploits detector system
Adnan Shaout and Cameron Smyth 154-163 6552 View